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April 24th, 2008

As “My Faves Week” continues, I want to takeout a minute to shout out my fave blogs. Yeah, I maintain my own blog but I’m a bigger fan of other people’s blogs than I am of my own. Bloggers make the net go round and here are my Top 5 favorite blogs and bloggers. I mean, this isn’t a Webby Award or nothing but I like to recognize my peoples.

1) eskay –


Hands down, eskay is the hardest working blogger on the internet. Since I’m a hip-hop head, I turn to Nah Right on the daily for the latest music, news and videos around the rap world. I can’t front, 50% of my content is spotted on Nah Right first (but I always give eskay the credit). If it wasn’t for Nah Right, I think I wouldn’t divorced hip-hop a long time ago.

2) Necole Bitchie –


Necole Bitchie has the #1 fastest growing hip-hop site in the nation, and that’s probably because I’m checking that bitch everyday, all day. When it comes to events, celebrity news and gossip, Necole does it with style, class and wit that separates her from the thousands of other bloggers in her lane. She keeps her readers informed without straight up bashing the celebrities she writes about, while opening herself up with her personal views and opinions, and that’s what I like about the chick. Her blog has the best tagline (“Life’s a Bitch And The You Blog”) and every time I chop it up with her, she keeps me laughing with her favorite phrase, “BOY, BYE!”

3) Byron “Bol” Crawford –


Bol is probably the most hated blogger in the blogosphere (ask any of your favorite rappers), but that’s because he says the shit that most people think but don’t have the balls to say. Most of the time his ideologies and opinions are out of line on so many levels but with every post the guy is good for 2 or 3 LOLs and you can’t help but to love reading his shit. I can’t remember reading anything positive he’s ever had to say, but still, most of the time he has a point.

4) Rizoh – The Rap Up


Riz is my man, a hundit grand because he puts me on to shit that I wouldn’t check for otherwise. The Rap Up is my daily dose of hip-hop blogging from a Texas boy with a diverse taste in rap music. Dude is like my big brother in the blog shit cause he helped me get The Block off the ground, and in return, I steal shit from his blog from time to time to post on my own site.

5) Sohh Gyant – Sohh Atlanta


Gyant holds down the Atlanta blog for and I visit his blog to keep me in the know about the haps in the ATL. I can’t always cosign Gyant because he talks A Lot of shit about people sometimes, which is why he’s referred to as the “Wendy Willliams” of blogs. But you can’t knock his hustle, dude is everywhere in Atlanta and he’ll stop at nothing to get the story.

Honorable Mention

Maurice Garland – Black Ice My homie MGG writes a dope blog for, but I wish he’d write more drops.

Dallas Penn – Some of the best content and writing on the net, I just can’t relate to everything he writes about. I’m not that educated on politics and shit like that.

Blogxilla – Not really sure what’s good with Xilla. Dude’s been MIA for a couple months now, but when he does blog, all he really talks about is the thing nuccas care about the most…p*ssy.

Sickamore – Thank God I’m Famous: I love the content on Sic’s blog, he just has a tendency to get ghost sometimes. (Where you at Sickamore?!?!?!).

Fresh – Crunk & Disorderly: I’m not into celebrity gossip much, but Fresh is so damn funny with her commentary, I have to visit her site.

The Brwn Drby – This is a new blog out my hometown Charleston, SC, that I really like, (and it’s not because these dudes featured me on their site). Their content is full of stuff that you won’t find on any other blog.

Shouts out to all my favorite blogs and bloggers, and all the bloggers in the blogosphere. But don’t forget, The Block is still The People’s Champ.

2 Responses to “My Fave Blogs”

  1. Xilla

    I was locked up in Dekalb County but im out and im back and it was just a month and a half!!! lol Im bak

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Welcome back, fam. The net ain’t been the same without you.

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