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April 26th, 2008


So, I have one of those long weekends ahead, where I gotta be just about everywhere (seemingly at once). I’m on the way to SC, but first I have to stop in August for some shit called Powerfest. After that, I’m on the way to Columbia for 100.1 The Beat’s Birthday Bash. Then on Sunday, I’m head home to Charleston to host a Lil Boosie/Pimp C tribute concert at the Kush Lounge.

Boosie is by far the most popular artists in Charleston. I’m not really sure why people love him so much down there, but it’s been like that for quite a few years. People in Charleston don’t like most artists that the rest of the nation is into, they only listen to 3 artists down there, 1) Lil Boosie 2) B.G. 3) Is whatever new southern artist that can’t very well but has the biggest buzz…in this case it’s Shawty Lo. I’m not even sure if people back home even like Lil Wayne, (he probably raps to good for my people to relate to him).

Anyways, Lil Boosie will be there, so Chucktown will be dummin’ on Sunday. Shouts out to my dude Troy Gathers and Sixteen Seventy Clothing or bringing me down. And to the big homie B-Lord, who’ll be on the 1′s and 2′s, I hope you got that Happy Juice on deck.

If you’re in South Cack this weekend, either I’ll see you there or I’ll tell you about it later.

3 Responses to “Let’s Set This B*tch Off”

  1. 1980

    Charleston niggas are backwards. None of my friends like Lil Wayne anymore. We always had different taste in music and now it’s ironic because now that I kinda like Wayne, they hate him. Charleston niggas don’t really fuck with Wayne.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  3. O.K.

    I will be there homie! You know anyplace else selling advance tickets cause I called Monster and that barber shop and both them boy say they were sold out. Either way Ill be in da mixx and waitin for my photo in the mag

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