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Back From The Beach


I’m back from Bike Week in Myrtle Beach and back on The Block. I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Myself…bike week was cool and I had a really good time kicking it with my South Cack people but the overall Bike Week experience was once again kinda so, so. I mean, I’m not into bikes or cars, and for the most part, the women on the beach were a bunch of bad body broads in bikinis (that’s bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good). Ok, the women weren’t as bad as the fat chicks in that pic but you get my point. Living in Atlanta and taking trips to Miami have spoiled me to the point were average hoes promiscuous girls can’t make me look.

I need chicks that look like Dollicia Bryan but there weren’t none, so I stole his backshot photo from Necole, just to make myself feel better about the lack of dimes on Myrtle Beach this weekend. I got my King magazine in the mail when I got back yesterday and that was probably the highlight for my entire weekend (ok, maybe not, I’m just saying).

Anyways, I’m about to get caught up on The Block and shouts out to all my SC brethren that I kicked it with this weekend. DJ Chuck T, Charlamagne, Frosty, B-Lord, Venom and the Venom Vixen’s, Troy Gathers (Sixteen Seventy Clothing), Clevis Photography, Snook Da Rokk Star, Shera Bass (Niche Magazine), Chubbz, everyone. Now, back to the grizzly.

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  • 1. Randy Exclusive replies at 27th May 2008, 2:33 pm :

    To answer your question, she is s-e-x-y.

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