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June 22nd, 2008


Shouts out to the homie younG Burna for being one of the few SC artists to constantly drop quality new music. This cat hits me with at least one track a week. I don’t know what the rest of ya’ll nuccas spend your time doing.

Download: younG Burna – So Sad

Bonus Track: younG Burna – I Know (I didn’t really like the auto tune nonsense on this one but maybe some of ya’ll will appreciate it).

7 Responses to “younG Burna – So Sad”

  1. younGBurna

    good looks mayne!!!!!

  2. Randy Exclusive

    No doubt, keep doing that music, fam.

  3. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Burna go hard..keep makin them classics niggaz gone catch on sooner or later
    South Cack STAND UP….. (yeah I’m going with C-A-C-K spellin’)

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Just for the record, Gem is another SC artist that constantly drops new music.

  5. 5dollaz

    Burna, yo gotta meet da right people dog, u overdue, u should been out.

    U on yo shit dawg

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Can’t front, I’ve had this song on repeat the last couple days.

  7. KJtheGreat

    AWESOME JUICE! good music babes. you got a mixtape or something so we can listen to more of your music. if not holla at me! we can work something out, fo’ sho’!

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