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June 23rd, 2008

younG Burna and R.E.

When I first started this blog, I did it so that I could have an outlet to voice my opinion on how I was feeling or what music I was listening to or the artists that I was into or what have you. I just needed to be able to say what I wanted to, when I wanted to. And in doing that, I’ve been able to showcase artists in South Carolina that otherwise would go unnoticed. Not to be self-centered or anything but The Block is the #1 source for SC music (if I do say so myself), and that’s another reason I do this shit. Yeah, I do cover mainstream artists, but if you want constant updates on T.I. or Shawty Lo or 50 Cent and Kanye West, you can go to another blog. I put on my city state over here.

So, I dropped a post yesterday, featuring a new track from my homie younG Burna…I mean, my blog isn’t the most trafficked site on the web but it gets enough visitors for cats to take notice. I was on Myspace a little earlier, and Burna dropped a blog, just talking about how having me show love by putting his track on The Block and having cats show love to him in the comment section gave him hope.

To be real, it feels good to play my part in giving inspiration to a young artist. That’s why I do this. I do this for ya’ll. Keep making that music, Burna. Not just Burna, all of you. Every artists that’s out there and making music for the love of this shit, keep doing. I’m not gonna like and support everyone’s music, and if I’m not feeling it, I might just tell you to eat a d*ck (no homo) but keep grindin’ nonetheless. For every artists out there making what I deem as quality music, thank you. Ya’ll nuccas make what I do worth it and I appreciate.

Check younG Burna’s blog post after the jump.

today i caught some more love from a music editor for ozone magazine…ima faithful reader of his blog and it always makes my day when i see that he found one of my tracks worthy of a blog post…lol….well he did a post on one of my most recent songs titled “so sad”…a song about how i seem to always want what i can’t have….and how alotta times girls dont really be likin me…they jus be likin me cuz of the music i make…but anyway…thats a whole notha blog…the whole thing is….i was peepin the blog he posted and i always check out the comments people leave and some pretty nice dudes from my area left some pretty inspiring comments…

this cat named Gem Star Tha Goldenchild showed some serious love with this comment…

“Burna go hard..keep makin them classics niggaz gone catch on sooner or later
South Cack STAND UP….. (yeah I’m going with C-A-C-K spellin’)”

in case u aint kno Gem is the ish…he got by far in my opinion the strongest mixtapes in south kac…and he drop em consitently..even got a gangsta grillz

then another dope ass producer/ rapper from my area named 5dollaz left this comment

“Burna, yo gotta meet da right people dog, u overdue, u should been out.

U on yo shit dawg”

5dollaz aka 5dezzy is a producer/ rapper that i been hearing niggaz sweat since i was in high school…

i kno its really not that bigga deal….but its like…these are both artists from my state that i respect and like…but they both are like in another lane than the one im in…so to kno that they feelin my stuff gives me hope that other people who are more into the crunk/gangsta/traditional southern music could vibe with my music….which is very important to me since im in the south…..

i guess yal….like i kno music is my callin…and i kno its what i was meant to be doing…but lately i been feeling really discouraged…for those of yal who aint kno i go to basic training july 8th…i joined tha army…and its not like im bout to stop rappin at all…but it still bummed me out…cuz i always thought that i was gonna have a deal by now….but i havent gotten it yet so i gotta be doing something in the meantime…and becuz of past decisions i made and how effed up my record is…the military is kind of a last resort….but like i was saying…its funny….something as small as that blog post and and the love that i received jus put my tank on full…like despite my current situations im excited…im excited about the future that God got for me…like i jus feel it in my heart…i dont kno when…but i do kno that IMA GET SIGNED…and my music will be heard all around the world…one day ima live my dream…i kno this for a fact…and the peace that it gives me on the inside is undescribable…its a feelin that i havent felt in awhile…but im def feelin it now….i guess i havent got signed for a number of different reasons….but somebody close to me shared this with me recently

in the bible abraham and sarah were promised a child..but they tried for the longest and sarah was not gettin preganant for nothin…they wanted a child more than anything…so abraham slept with one of there maids so that they could have a child….a few years later sarah finally had a baby….

the thing was, im guessin they werent really ready for a baby…God will give u a dream and a vision..but until your actually ready for that blessing he not gone give it to you…you can do stuff to try to make it happen yourself but its not gone be how u wanted it to be…for instance when abraham got the maid pregnant or whateva it ended up causing a whole bunch of problems that coulda been avoided…had they not rushed it..and waited on God…..

so im feelin like God gave me my gift, my talent, my dream, and my vision..and even tho i feel like im ready…musically and creatively i kno i am…but i still dnt got that must mean im not really ready….maybe what God has for me is soo big i couldnt possibly be ready for it yet…i mean im only 19…man i bet what he got for me i cant even fathom…all the things i’ve gone thru, going thru, and about to go thru are preparing me for all the responsibilties that are gonna come with my blessing…my dream coming to pass….who knows if im right or wrong about any of this…but this is how im feeling on the inside…im excited….im anticipatin…I Cant even hardly wait….
you can check out the blog post here and its a link to my newest song on this page as well…check it out


yal should check my dude randy roper’s blog out aswell..he always got some dope ish going on there…


ps. tell me what you think???

9 Responses to “I Do This For Ya’ll”

  1. boi-dan

    SC all day.

  2. boi-dan

    Truth be told though, the SC artist you spotlight are more Vibe than Ozone, but you puts it down though…..

  3. Randy Exclusive

    Ozone ain’t my vision, fam. The Block is.

  4. fredog213

    keep it up young man you got love in Kali baby holla at cha boy pimp get yours… CHURCH

  5. boi-dan

    Yeah I figured that. The blog is kind of like your “vent”, something away from the 9 to 5. It’d just be nice to see more from the Pachino Dino’s, Piazo’s, T-Mac’s, etc…

  6. Randy Exclusive

    I’d post music and content from any of them just outta love for my state. But what have Dino, Piazo or T-Mac released in the last year? They don’t reach out. The Gems, Burnas, Dan Johns, Lil Rus, they do.

  7. younGBurna

    this boi dan character is interesting….

  8. P.Watts

    RE dope blog. preciate ya givin all SC artists dat much needed exposure. younGBurna…don’t know ya but keep striving & keep pushin bruh & u gonna be where ya wanna be. Pachino Dino “Hustlin & Headbussin” feat. Esham,Koopsta Knicca, Spice 1, Piazo, Double Crossa, Marly Mar, Fatboy & P.Watts dropping nationwide Aug 19th as of now. Dino/Blord mixtape bout to be completed & dat should be out in the next few weeks. Piazo is currently workin on his next album. He got a song called “Bubble Chevy” dat I hope is his next single. Look out for Piazo’s artist Du Em Durty. His album is crazy! Look Out for Pachino Dino’s single ” Body Rock”. I’ll see if I can get dat to ya RE. Twin D1st Century Compilation Vol.3 in stores now. Marly Mar’s album in stores now…forgot the album title. P.Watts & DJ Smallz “Out 2 Get It” feat. Pastor Troy, Playa Fly, Youngbloodz, Rich Boy, Piazo, Pachino Dino, Marly Mar, Fatboy, and production by Twin D1st Century, 40 Oz, Venom Vendetta, Lil Brod and DJ Smallz will be out late August.

  9. Randy Exclusive

    And still…none of them reach out. I wonder if them nuccas use computers?

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