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I swear this is the last “A Milli” anything that I’m posting on The Block. I’m so fuxing tired of this beat, but Gem is my dude, so I’ma drop this vid for him. But after this, I don’t care if Jesus drops an “A Milli” freestyle, I don’t wanna hear it.

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8 Responses to “Gemstar Da Goldenchild – A Milli Freestyle (Video)”

  1. younGBurna

    i dont kno how he be thinkin of all dem damn punchlines lol..HOT

  2. Randy Exclusive

    I bet that nucca watches a lot of TV.

  3. P.Watts

    I’m witcha RE. I’m sick of A Milli my damn self. Cory Gunz sounds the best on there hands down. I’ll put Gem rite after dat. But yeah Gem is tha Carolina punchline king!

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, I cosign the Cory Gunz.

  5. buddywhite

    yeah…gem did that

  6. DJ Kryptonite

    Yo I need that track in the inbox asap Gem. Keep saying this dude is sick. Only a matter of time b4 him or Snook blow!!!

  7. 5dollaz

    nobody really had a super garbage “A Milli” verse

    but nobody but Wanye, Jada, and Cory Gunz did dat shit right

    Its still da hardest beat of da year so far too

  8. buddywhite

    did that nigga say snook?…..the rockstar?….

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