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The Bulls took Derrick Rose from the University of Memphis. No surprise there, the dude is a beast. But for hoops fanatics like myself, this pick marks the start of the best draft of all the major sports. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been watching the NBA Draft faithfully. I used to remember the Top 10 draft picks from 1995-2003, but around ’03, I stopped following the draft because I didn’t know all the foreign players and high school all-americans that were getting drafted and now I can’t remember who was drafted 1st last year, let alone in ’03.

Still, I love the NBA. But as I watch this year, it’s a little bit different. As a kid, I used to watch the draft with excitement, as I watched college players that I looked up to get selected (while I created the players on my NBA Live video game and added them to the team that drafted them). But nowadays, I cringe as I watch kids that are damn near 10 years younger than me cash in NBA millions, while I wonder where my life went wrong. But it is what it is.

Michael Beasley, selected 2nd by the Miami Heat.

I’m still watching closely, just so I know what players I need to potentially draft for my fantasy b-ball team (I do have a title to defend next year). But you know, everyday is a potential draft day for your boy. Not in anything sports related. But being that I look at women the same way I look at a basketball lineup, I have to constantly general manage my “team.”

In cause you’re confused about what I’m referring to, you should probably go here and view a throwback post from when my girl Venom brokevdown the “Starting Five.” Basically, the Starting Five are the 5 women that play different positions in a dude’s love life. You chicks should probably read that shit, so you can figure out what position you play for your man or jump off, because I think a lot of yous get it confused.

OJ Mayo, select 3rd by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

So, when it comes to my team, I haven’t had an all-star caliber player on my roster in a couple years. The last franchise player I had was really getting buckets but after a few years, the bitch girl decided to opt out of her contract and honestly, my team hasn’t been a playoff squad since. I’ve had a lot of players come through, some with all-star potential but none of them really panned out. Mostly, I’ve had a bunch of journeywomen, that suit up for your boy, play some minutes but when it comes to long term deals, I never put offers on the table, so they pretty much end up signing with other teams and I just end up replacing them with our players. Did ya’ll get all of that? Try to keep up.

But the other day, I decided to make a blockbuster deal. I have one player on my team, shawty has mad potential but she’s only been playing limited minutes. And my line brother had a situation with a player on his team and with contract negotiations not really going in his favor, and me recognizing the trade potential in my player, I decided to offer him a trade.

The Trade went like this:

Line Brother gets
A future 1st round draft pick
A player to be named later
Sr. AKA from Winthrop University

R.E. gets
Sr. AKA from the University of South Carolina

I know, I’m giving up a lot in this trade. But I’m banking on the fact that I can immediately move this player into the starting five and she can play big minutes and help my team a lot in the future. Where as the player I’m trading, (while I’ll hate to see her go), she’s been on the team for awhile now, and I don’t think she’ll ever be more than a solid player off the bench. But she’ll probably be a star on another squad.

Russell Westbrok and Kevin Love, selected 4th and 5th by the Seattle Supersonics and Memphis Grizzles, respectively.

Hey, this is how guys think. Every time a new chick comes along, we think about what position they can play for our team. Does she have the all-star point guard skills to play wifie and run the team? Or is she more of the power forward, down to do the dirty work and pound the headboards type broad? We ask ourselves these kinda things (or at least I do). Now, I’m about to go on Facebook and scout some more prospects. But before I go, ladies and gentlemen…Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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10 Responses to “With The First Pick In The 2008 NBA Draft…”

  1. Maurice Garland

    aaawww maaan, you used to do that NBA Live shit too man, daaamn, that brings back memories. I was just talking with my brother, i used to know damn near every draft pick up until, like you said, all them international players started coming. hell, i used to even know some of the 2nd rounders….shid, tonight….hahahha, after the lower lottery picks, shit, i started yawning…oh yeah i feel you on the youth thing…when i went to the NO for ASG…man, i was bigger than chris paul and mike conley, i was looking at these niggas like really?

  2. Randy Exclusive

    LOL @ yeah, man. I woulda had Derrick Rose on the Bulls right now and I woulda been running cats on NBA Live. But yeah, these nuccas 19, 20. Never really thought about that until I started getting older. What the hell would I have done if I was a 19 year old millionaire. SHM.

  3. buddywhite

    man…i hope kirk hinrich(sp?) got his bags packed cause d. rose is gonna be draggin niggas in the east…And wtf are the knicks thinking?…i’m a lakers fan but i need the knicks to get they weight up(cue nba on nbc theme)….and that shit about the your trade had me rolling…me and my boy talk just like that all the time…classic

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Kirk is somewhere packing right now, but I don’t know. They could always put him at the 2 and more Ben Gordon, but somebody has to go. And the Knicks front office are idiots. And that trade, man, I gotta shake my roster up, fam. I need to build a championship contender and the lineup I have ain’t gonna do it. I’m rebuilding.

  5. KJtheGreat

    can anyone explain how the best player on Memphis (CDR) falls to like the 40th pick? and with all the movements made, Jay-Z’s team might be a contender in the near future.

    …we use the “horse” translation…all about keepin’ that “stable” fully stocked. mine’s on E right now. lol

  6. Bahama

    *takes notes* so that’s how you guys do huh? Well coming from an MVP some of these “teams” need to learn how to better manage their players. :-)

    But I didn’t even watch the draft, the Lakers didn’t have a first round pick and none of my blue devils were gonna get drafted, so yeah.

  7. Young E

    How the hell do figure cdr is the best player on memphis, KJ? You must be related to the guy or something, thats ludicris.

  8. Randy Exclusive

    I think he means more in terms of what CDR did as a college player, since he was the Memphis’ leading scorer and a first team all-american. He was the team leader but we all know Rose was the most talented player.

  9. KJtheGreat

    exactly! leading scorer, better field goal percentage, better 3pt percentage!

  10. buddywhite

    i dont know if this post is dead, but by the way..i ain’t exactly excited about the lakeshow drafting a guard…i mean, WTF?…joe crawford?…joe crawford?…he got decent range but thats it, and we already got that in d-fish, farmar is good(just young), and vujacic is a good shooter…and did i mention that other guy, Kobe Bryant…..we need a solid big man who’s gonna crash the boards and aint gonna bitch up when they playin against a bunch a brothers, ya dig…. james mays from clemson and chris daniels from T-a&m were both still on the board and these niggas take a guard?….when did we hire isiah thomas?

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