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Today is the day all my South Carolina kinfolk have been waiting for. Today South Crack: The Album presented by Charlamagne Tha God and Stupid Dope Moves is available in stores and online. And for the next 7 days, Tha God and company are selling the album at a recession sale price of $1.99 (if only every album would go on sale for $1.99).

Today is a monumental day in Carolina music. It’s not everyday that SC artists have a major compilation available in Best Buy and iTunes, so everyone like myself that supports and loves South Cack music…today is kind of a big deal. Anyways, I’m about to cop like 10 copies of this album, kinda like when Skillz bought a bunch of Roots’ albums. I would record myself doing so, but there’s nothing really entertaining about purchasing music online.

Purchase South Crack: The Album: Buy on iTunes for $1.99

Tracklist under the hood.

1. State Champ -DJ Frosty-

2. Hood Hard -Lil Ru, Diamond & Princess, and Mac A. Don-

3. You Know -Mr. Flip-

4. Diamondz -Gemstar the Golden Child-

5. Extended Clips -Marley Marl -

6. Fish Head – P.I.M.P.-

7. I’m Clean -Collard Greens-

8. Heavy in the Streets -Pitch Black Entertainment-

9. F**k Your Funktion -DJ Chuck T-

10. Presidential -Mac A Don-

11. Mirror Dance -Mr. Taylor-

12. F**K Security -SKIT-

13. Boot Up –Pure Werk and Donna-
14. Shinin -Gemstar The Golden Child-

15. Elroy -StateHouse-

16. Pretty Brown Round -Mac A Don and Juice-

17. Heaven for a Skipper -Baby Floss, Piazo, Mac A Don and DJ B Lord-

18. Showtime -Baby Floss, Piazo, Mac A Don and DJ B Lord-

19. Patty Melt Plate -SKIT-

20. Meeting in my Bedroom -Venom Vendetta, Cali, and Magnifico-

21. Cthagod Outro -Charlamange tha God-

37 Responses to “South Crack: The Album – On Sale Now For The Low, Low”

  1. KJtheGreat

    sweet deal. i don’t have an ipod/itunes so…i’ll buy it the old fashioned way! BEST BUY here i come!

  2. The Brwn Drby Haberdashery Blog » South Crack: The Album…

    [...] today and partake in this (hopefully) wonderful masterpiece of a CD. Like my dude RE said on his post today, “…It’s not everyday that SC artists have a major compilation available in Best Buy [...]

  3. Iz'e

    oh randy i’m so proud of ya’ll sc people. ya’ll aren’t so gay like the news say after all! =) lol i knew it all along…on my way to best buy now.

  4. Randy Exclusive

    SMH @ Iz’e

  5. Stupid Dope Krypto

    Yo, RE we gonna party it up for you up here, cause its offically celebration time!!!!

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, hate that I missed the celebrations this weekend.

  7. joo$e

    the last SC album i actually bought some was garbage Carolina Pathfinders album (no offense to anyone that knows them)….but this one should be crack! will def be picking up this and that new SHWAYZE…is it 1.99 at best buy too? lol

  8. Randy Exclusive

    Nah, I think Best Buy got it for $8 or something like that. That $1.99 is the iTunes price

  9. Kash Kastro

    Just Bought on ITunes… Downloading Right Now!!

  10. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    If you’re from SC & didn’t buy this album go drink a bottle of BLEACH

  11. akshun

    yeah i’ma cop this. i just really hope it’s good. i’m not crankin that roy though

  12. swaveo

    big ups!to charlamange making major moves for south cak artist

  13. Preach

    I guess i’m going to have to drink BLEACH.I listen to the snippets. That shit is TRASH!!! South Crack can do much better.

  14. Randy Exclusive

    Damn, Preach. SMH.

  15. martin

    shit its alright! but i like macadon an gemstar better rest of them cats need to step there game up! if there going to repersent there state…

  16. Queen

    I also agree! Charlamagne always talking about him reppin SC.If he is so much reppin SC so hard, why is it that he has never had any SC artist on the Wendy Williams show, or even play some of their music. That is a prime spot on radio. That would help the SC artist he is so-call is helping. The music is good on the CD, but I think most of the music is like- 1-3 years old.I have heard most of it on mixCD’s already. You can go to and get it for FREE.

  17. Randy Exclusive

    I believe the name of the show is the Wendy Williams Show. Not the Charlamagne Tha God Show.

  18. kilah

    love that gemstar loved his music.. vote gemstar for president he is south cak idol

  19. cthagod

    South Crack mixtape series over 300,000 plus downloads in 2 months between 3 volumes….

    South Crack The Album will sell just about 20,000 copies in the first week….

    South Carolina artist (especially Mac A Don and Gemstar)or getting great reviews from critics online as well as in publications….

    South Crack Vol 2, Lil Ru solo album on deck…..

    It’s 3 kind of people on this planet those that talk about what happen, those that watch what happen, and those that make things happen. If you don’t respect what your watching and talking about then God Bless You. To anyone who has the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall to say I don’t put on for my state I respectfully invite you to suck my Stupid Dope Dick. Love you all Good Night……

  20. Mack45

    You guys have nothing better else to do. The CD is dry. Charlamagne is also. Randy you and Charlamagne need to lay in the bed together. I agree with Queen and Martin. Yes it is Wendy Williams Show, but when you suck Dick (sorry:( a long headed pussy) then you should have some pull. You both are workers ( clock in-clock out) So don’t run around talking about..Oh I’m the Music Editor..Oh, I’m the co-host when all you are as a staff workers with no pull. Charlamagne we all know Kevin Hunter have the remote button on your ass. That is why your sorry ass is always in South Crack. You need someone to suck “Yes! your sorry as Stupid Dope Dick”. I’m surprise it didn’t drop off yet. Your baby Mama is a ugly hoe!!!!You both come back home to host, throw parties etc: Because ATL and NYC don’t like you sorry asses. That is why you Randy always have ro remind people who you are. Walking around with Tee Shirt’s say ” I’m famous here in South Carolina” ( what ever the fuck it say’s) Because your not famous no where else. You guys are so so so so sorry.Blue Collar Workers..
    By the way the CD may have sold 20,000 copies, but I guess with $1.99 you MADE people buy it. Try to sell it for $10 and see how many people would buy it. Shit! your in Store only had what??? 20 people the most. Sorry Stupid Dope Move House Nigga. You picked the right name: Stupid ( that is what you are) Dope ( you look like one) Move ( becasue you make moves to hate on nigga’s).

  21. Mack45's conscience

    Hi I’m a hater been a hater ALL my life . I hate myself I hate everybody I’m like grumpy SMURF. One day I’m gone be famous (for hating) Yeah Charlamagne your a co-host on one of the top syndicated radio shows in America (BIG DEAL) and Randy your music editor in a national magazine (WHOOPTY) while I’m just sittin’ here typing on my pc. Wait till next year when I really get my hater STATS up. I’m gonna have my own radio and magazine and guess who’s not gonna be on either one…
    Sincerely Mack45′s conscience

  22. Cthagod

    LMAO!!!! God Bless Mack 45!!

  23. the truth

    To Randy and Charlamagne yall are some fronting ass niggas man. Randy you work for a white bitch who just shitted on our state by letting Snook win the carolina patiently waiting award at the Ozone Awards when he is not even from here I had to find that out from the guy that was dissing Julia on So quit faking nigga you will never own that magazine you work for and if you not really down with the SC movement get the fuck outta here. Randy you are a do boy. Now Charlamagne dont talk about nobody hating on yo ass when thats all you did when you was on the radio down here nigga. When I was watching the the Wendy Williams show its obvious you are not a star because when you get around real stars you act like you are fish out of water. And thanks for putting out a cd that has nothing but old material on it and then we wonder why nobody takes SC serious in the industry. If you going to do something do it right potna. You should be ashamed of yourself for asking SC to support this project. Now I have to give you credit you were the first one down here to get a major deal and I applaud that but you were also the first one in SC to get dropped from a major deal. Oh and the SDM clothing line is not a good look brother. Im not hating just telling it like it is. Thats why SC is fucked up now because of fake ass niggas like yall man. Randy you are a music editor for magazine wow is that really an accomplishment again my brother thats not your magazine dude. So quit fronting Im starting to think that you only in the game for the perks instead of actually helping SC move forward. I love both of you brothers but representing SC is more than just hollering it in a magazine or on a radio mic nigga. If you guys are so bigtime then how come nobody has blew from SC in the music industry? Either you are not as big as you think you are, or maybe you are not truly down for this SC movement. I will let SC judge that.Get ya weight up potnas or stay skinny like dat faker B Lord.

  24. Randy Exclusive

    Hi hater!

  25. Mack45

    Yeah I’m a Hater. I HATE FAG ASS FRONTIN NIGGA’s like you and Charlamagne. It’s so funny that you guys can say what you want to say. Put people on blast at any giving moment and when someone comes along who don’t want to butt fuck you. Your ass want to cry like a baby. So If I’m wrong for now wearing your shoes. Then fuck it “I’m a Hater”. You have a song for me I have one for you and Charlamagne.
    Y.M.C.A by The Village People

  26. Mack45

    Response to:Mack45′s conscience (that punk ass Randy left)
    Randy let’s keep it real. You weren’t Julia’s top draft pick for that position. Everybody knows that. Even Julia was quoted saying that among her crew prior to your employment. Yes Charlamagne is on a top syndicated radio show. But let me remind you of something: Before Charlamagne was hired, he was fired from HOT 103.9 (Columbia,SC) and was caught up in tons of legal issue for talking trash about the owner of Club Level’s (Columbia,SC) for trashing his name (that was one bad ass white dude who basically shut Charlamagne’s mouth)Wendy during that time went on the air CLEARLY stating that if she knew he had these issues (which he miss work MANY times) she wouldn’t have hired him. So maybe You guys did get the job (never want to see a fellow brother out of one) But you guys were far from:THE FIRST DRAFT PICK. Publish the correct info.

  27. Randy Exclusive

    Preciate you coming back to my site Mack45. I love the hate. Btw, I didn’t leave that “conscience” comment. That was one of my readers, you know, cause people fuck with me like that. I don’t gotta say shit. I could careless what a hater got to say. Hell, I could easily erase every comment you leave but I don’t, because I don’t care. It’s all love from me, family. God bless.

  28. omar

    yo i purchase the music. it can be better but i like that dude gemstar that dude has lyrics for days are you guys saying his from south cak he’s more commercial like. hands down i think gemstar could put south crak on the map … he sounds like he already has major deal that my opion.

  29. joshjenkins

    I personally like the album. I think it was put together quite well and it gives a good representation of what SC can offer. I don’t agree with the haters saying the music is old because even though we may have heard some of these records in SC they are brand new to the rest of the country. I hope they introduce Lil Ru “Nasty Song” to a national audience that song is too good to just remain a local hit. Randy and Charlemagne keep growing you both will be @ the heads of your respective fields i’m already noticing that people in SC are going to hate badly because we have been at the bottom so long we are too stupid to realize when we are rising to the top.

  30. Randy Exclusive

    Appreciate the love Josh.

  31. Magnum PA

    This is madness on the page….There is some hating at its finest on this post. I am curious as to what career paths the haters talking are on. I personally feel like being an editor for a major publication, and working for a nationally sydicated radio station is far from “sub par” by any stretch of the imagination. So to Mack45 and the truth, I say ya’ll should eat an AIDS infested dick. I am feeling the CD minus the mirror song, but most other people like it, so that makes it a necessary evil.Randy, Charlamagne, Frosty, and all the SC music artists out there keep reppin SC and continue to put your stamp on the industry.

  32. joe

    like the presidental from macadon shit fire …also like other two songs from gemstar. good work charlamange! you got two american stars on your roster

  33. TreyWats

    This is why South Crack can’t get ahead. All of you including Randy and Charlamagne should be all a shame of yourself’s. You entertained all of these comments. I thought this webpage was for information, this shit has turned into Maury. That is why I DON”T support the South Crack movement. This is negative and most people now a days have too much going on to hear people drag other people down. This would be the last time I visit this page.

  34. Randy Exclusive

    Preciate you coming thru TreyWats.

  35. KJtheGreat


  36. Nika

    This is exactly why Blacks can’t make it-every time one of us takes a step forward there is always some crab trying to knock us back. Keep doing you Randy-HI HATERS!!!!

  37. Damien Stram

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