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This girl gets by on looks alone, and I don’t mind one bit.

5 Responses to “Cassie ft. Lil Wayne – Official Girl (Video)”

  1. Sly

    songs alright….cassie still can’t sing and got zero soul. the song will get decent airplay b/c of the beat, the hook, and b/c females will relate to the content. cassie will sell 4 1/2 total albums though and return to the modeling world full-time.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    All looks no talent.

  3. akshun

    i ain’t feelin cassie’s look. i ain’t into chicks w/ no breastatall

  4. joo$e

    was that a stunt double in the beginning or did cassie have some “phatty” action going on in the back?

  5. kisha

    no fatty for cassie she wish…song sucks…and she needs eat some cornbread and greens too skinny but she is pretty ;-)

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