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Intelligent. Strong. Supportive. Graceful. Voluptuous. Charismatic. Magnificent. Confident. Classy. Educated. Eloquent. Ravishing. Personable. Fashionable. Elegant. Radiant. Compassionate. Committed. Lovely. Inspirational. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Wife. Caring. Loving. Beautiful. Black Woman.

Searching for my Michelle Obama…

11 Responses to “Searching For My Michelle Obama…”

  1. young hef

    She is truly a superwoman lb…

  2. 1980


  3. PT Onassis

    SHe represented last night, real talk, she created a new lane last night. Its on.

  4. KJtheGreat

    Voluptuous? Come on RE! Her body is banging but she wouldn’t be mistaken for being “thick up”! lol I was talking to the Misses last night about that…America ain’t ready for some ol’ Buffy the Body ass first lady. She got enough to please the black demographic without offending the rest.

    Side note…it was a very good speach though. Had people CRYING in there. Literally.

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Nah, she ain’t thick up, but she gotta little fatty. You know the white house couldn’t handle too much donk.

  6. JackieO

    you’re always searching for some kind of woman RE…I certainly hope you find your Michelle/Sidney/Lauren/Nia…

    She was great last night!

  7. CathrynMarie

    Im so mad @ u heathens talkin about how fat her twat is, lol. sweet Jesus! And to think, I was going to leave a comment saying you found me, but noooooooooooo!! I need me a Barack! RESPECTFUL!! *MESSAGE*

    ps – I partially kid, I partially joke = )

  8. Randy Exclusive

    But we weren’t talking about her twat. We were talking about that booty!

  9. CathrynMarie

    ooh ok, well I guess Im sensitive cause Blogxilla was all up in her Twat & everyone else on Twitter agreed, lol..My apologies =)

  10. Randy Exclusive

    Ha! Xilla crazy

  11. boi-dan

    They don’t make em’ like they use to. Like 3000 said, we’re going to have visit a muesuem to see what a lady looks like.

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