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To no one’s surprise, Jeezy’s album sprung a leak today. I didn’t even realize his album drops next Tuesday, so it’s not like the album is leaking hella early. A week is pretty much standard nowadays. Anyways, I’m not going to post a link to download the album, but anyone who has any kind of internet savvy will be able to find it. And if you can’t find it, it wasn’t meant to be. Just cop it when it drops on September 2nd.

I’m bout to cop some shades
I was watching Making The Band earlier and watching Diddy made me realize I need to start wearing shades. So, I think I’m gonna get some shades and when people talk to me, I’m gonna look in their direction, without really paying attention to them, and when they’re done speaking, I’m gonna sit there for a second with the dumb face, then I’m gonna say whatever the fux I feel at the time as a response. Then when people wanna play their music for me, I’m gonna wear my shades, and just sit there without any kind of reaction or facial expressions. Matter of fact, I’m gonna where my shades all the time, just cause it seems like the azzhole thing to do.

The Boom-Kat is back
In other Making The Band news: Ms. Boom-Kat, choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson is back on the show. Ya’ll know how much I love Laurie Ann. You see the pose in that picture! That says it all.

WTF happened to K-Ci and Jo Jo?!?!

I know I’m late with this video, but I really didn’t wanna put it up. K-Ci & Jo Jo were my favorite R&B sangas back in the days. It hurts me to see these dudes fall off like these. But this ish is hella funny.

Speaking of R&B from back in the days

Bell Biv Devoe used to be my shit when I was a kid. I think this song corrupted my mind, and it’s probably the reason I ended up being this.

Listen to this T-Pain track
T-Pain is kinda salty about nuccas using auto-tunes effect on their songs. He feels like people are biting his style, so he raps like E-40, Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, Jeezy, Officer Rawse, and Lil Wayne on this song. Kinda entertaining.

T-Pain – Like I Outta

I missed her speech
I meant to watch Hillary Rodham’s speech, but I forgot. I’ll just watch it on the internets later.

TV One programming > BET programming
Just wanted to throw that out there.

Ozone Awards on MTV Jams
I mean, I know most people don’t have MTV Jams, but if you do, it’s Ozone Awards Week on Jams

Leaving ya’ll with the hottest song outta Detroit

It’s so coooold in the D…

14 Responses to “Classic Randomness: The Recession Is Here…Kinda”

  1. Iz'e

    i’m gonna need a ‘put on’ for that T-Pain sir…and i guess the shades thing won’t work for me cause you give me the blank look and say what the hell you want without them….smh =\

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, they must have took that T-Pain song down.
    Re Up:

  3. Bahama

    You know i think that’s what shades were made for? LOL and please don’t wear shades at night or in bulidings..thanks, lol

  4. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Its So Cooooold in The D… Thats my shit

  5. KJtheGreat

    BET sucks balls…tremendously.

    That is all.

  6. Dizz

    i had avoided watchin this cold in the D mess…but that laugh just made my mornin.

  7. Kisha

    blank stare…..i never want to go to the “D”

  8. Randy Exclusive

    It’s so cooooooold in the d. how the fuck we supposed to keep peace?

  9. joo$e

    haha ole girl looks like she’s from charleston!

  10. CathrynMarie

    Corn Juice is Corn Juice aka I love Laurie Ann also – that lipstick sucks ass tho, lol..body is BANGIN however! =)

  11. DJ Krypto

    Recession is fire!!! Just waiting on the rest of Paper Trail now. But that Jodeci shit is worst than when Kelly from DC fell on 106 and Park and Beyonce’ just looked at here lmao….

  12. "O"

    T-baby…. where do I begin…. the off-key chorus… the pic of that nigga who was straight up dead in a casket…. wait I know how bout that lil boy in the video! damn he must’ve heard the word fuck at least 80 times at the “video shoot” ( i use that term loosely…) but i guess that’s not something he has heard before… since its so cold in the D.

  13. "O"

    it was alleged that K-Ci and Jo Jo were both coked up and drunk… K-Ci said they do not do drugs, even adding “I can’t even spell cocaine”. Well… you don’t have to spell it to use it… lucky for him

  14. boi-dan

    TVOne all day.

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