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August 28th, 2008


Tonight is a very, very big night. Tonight my alma mater, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, kickoffs the 2008 College Football season vs. the NC State Wolkpack on ESPN. Also, Barack Obama speaks at the Democratic National Convention, so like I said, tonight’s a big night. Ya’ll know how much I love football season, and I wish I could be in Columbia at Williams-Brice stadium for tonight’s game, but since I can’t make it, me and my homeboy decided to throw a house party in Atlanta (well, it really was my idea). I love having get togethers, I really don’t need a good reason to, so tonight is the (Game)cocks & Barack party. My homeboy wanted to call it the Cock & Barack party but I vetoed that because it sounds borderline homo.

So, I invited all my Carolina Gamecock graduates that live in Atlanta over to my house (and I invited a couple people that didn’t go to USC), to watch the game and Obama’s speech. Chicken wangs + beer + pizza + football + women + Barack = Good Times!!!


You know, this is the first time I’ve ever really paid close attention to politricks. Now that I’m older I’m trying to be more aware of the government issues and where my taxes dollars are going, especially since the economy is fuxed the fux up. I came down stairs to watch the DNC last night, I have a homegirl that’s crashing at my crib right now, and this mutha was watching Project Runway. I was like, “nigga! If you don’t turn the channel to MSNBC!” I had been watching it from my bedroom, but you know, a nucca wanna watch prime time on the big screen. Project Runway was going off, so it wasn’t a big deal and I got to watch Jump Off Joe Biden’s speech from the living room, talking about, “John McCain was wrong, and Barack Obama was right!” Jump Off!! That’s my nickname for Joe Biden, you know, cause him and Joe Budden were separated at birth. My dude BlogXilla said via Twitter, “ F’ Jump off Joe Biden I’m bout to start calling him Joey Two Times cause he be saying things two times!!” But I’m gonna stick with Jump Off.


Anyways, I can’t wait for tonight. Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks are starting junior Tommy Beecher at quarterback. I’ve never heard of him, but if he’s running a Steve Spurrier offense, he can prolly throw the pigskin pretty good, so I’m with him. Our defense is usually damn good, so that’s what really makes. Oh yeah, fux Clemson! And Georgia too!

And to all my Barack Obama supporters, “yes, we can.”

And to all my South Carolina Gamecocks, “G0! Fight! Win! Kick Ass!”

It’s gonna be a good night.

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15 Responses to “(Game)cocks & Barack Night!!!”

  1. donte regis

    damn i gotta work tonight, but i will catch the replay a 3am.

  2. Bahama

    DAMN! I missed Project Runway, lol…I had a home boi that played ball for NC State (wonder where he is) but anyway I’m a Nole {don’t laugh :-) } till I die so I’m rooting for the gamecocks 2night too..

  3. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah Bahama!!!

  4. ChuckT

    Walked into work this mornin and seen 2 gamecock shirts and a visor before I got in the door. dem boi had me crunk early in the mornin!!

  5. KJtheGreat

    i hope for nothing but the best for USC…with that schedule they got, they are going to need all the help and blessings they can get! GO SCSU!

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Still got love for SCSU too. Can’t forget were I started.

  7. Nika

    Do you know where I can get the Obama tshirts??? Or do you by chance have any for free LOL :-) but for real do you have any free ones???

  8. Cthagod

    Sept 13th We having a Stupid Dope Tailgate Party by Bernie’s. This will be before the USC vs. Georgia game. I got my pops frying fish and shrimp, we got the tents to sell Pardon My Cockiness T Shirts, South Crack Albums, and mixtapes. Stupid Dope Dj Kryptonite will be playing music starting @ 9AM!!!!!! I’m dead ass if football season isn’t the best time of the year I don’t know what it is!!

  9. Randy Exclusive

    This nucca got the stupid dope fish fry, I’m there.

  10. Sly

    “My homeboy wanted to call it the Cock & Barack party but I vetoed that because it sounds borderline homo.”…i mean, y’all are in the A. y’all woulda had a mean ass turn out.

    and get that hate for clemson out ya blood.

  11. akshun

    gamecocks?? nah,i’ll pass

  12. Savage

    (Somebody finish the other part for me)
    and what the hell is wrong wit beecher? 3 picks in the first half?!?! I need to see Smelly or Garcia in ASAP!! The D is balling their ass off though

  13. Stupid Dope Krypto

    Blecher fucking sucks!!!!! But it was good to re-live those college years in the Students Section last night!!!!

  14. Savage

    Barack Rocked!!!
    Beecher Sucked!!!
    Smelly Rocked!!!

  15. Praverb

    I don’t know what Beecher was on but sheesh at least they won…the defense looked stellar…IT’S SMELLY TIME

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