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August 28th, 2008

My girl Lasandra called me the other night and told me she was gonna be in a video with some of her friends for some dudes outta SC called the Transfers. I told her not to do it. I wasn’t trying to rain on her parade, (but video girls don’t really get the best rep in the business), but she doesn’t always listen to what I tell her, so she did it anyways. Here’s the video, it’s a song about being a “Lay Up Girl,” which is pretty much the same thing as being a “bust it baby.” I’m not gonna give my opinion on the song or the video, I’m just dying over Lasandra and her girl making it roll at the end of the video. Wait, did that nucca just say, “I like to watch the cum drip down her azz crack?” *SMH*.

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25 Responses to “She’s a Lay Up Girl”

  1. Savage

    These dudes from the Rock Hill/Charlotte area? My homegirl sent me a link to check these dudes out. Not really my cup of tea but props though(just cause they rep SC). BTW, which one is your homegirl?

  2. Savage

    And im made im up this early on the block when i should be doing something at work lol…Guess I just needed that early morning fix

  3. CathrynMarie

    ummmmm – so YEA! lol I didn’t really get the whole conversation part – him saying he wanted to meet their girls. Do men really go out of their way to say they want to meet their homeboys girlfriends? And am I trippin or was the girl @ the end trippin the “lay up girl” of the first “rapper/singer”? *gasp* @ “I like to watch the cum drip down her azz crack”

  4. Kisha

    shit i aint mad at her there aint shit else to do in that area lol…besides it will never make it to 106th n park

  5. Maurice Garland

    ewwwwwww….niggas be keeping it way too real…some shit is should just stay behind closed doors.

  6. Iz'e

    you never know kisha…they put anything on 106 nowadays =\ my god

  7. Bahama

    you know what? i’m not even gonna watch..

  8. Sly

    not great but i’ve seen/heard much worse.

  9. akshun

    oneof them girls look familar.

  10. Dan Johns

    see….if i say what i’m really thinking, it will come out wrong. i’ll just leave this one alone.

  11. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    I need me an alley oop GURL

  12. young hef

    this video is interesting for so many reasons…smh…

  13. Lasandra

    OMG!! RE obviously hates me.

  14. ibebusy

    i think its straight, SC STAND UP

  15. hot girl/women

    the boy with the dreads kinda of cute. and the song is pretty hot

  16. DAT BOI-NY

    Cum drip down her ass crack….as crazy as it sounds, dat shit is catchy lol. I need that as my ringtone. I like da song. the second better then the first, but both hot!!!

  17. terreance_2764


  18. atlmodelchic_1789

    who is your homegirl in the video? this isn’t a rump shaking video so it shouldn’t have any effect on her if she trying to do the industry thing. I think it was tastefully done. Most videos now adays look slutty and this one is isn’t. I like the song also. The asscrac thing is a little much i must admit, but for some reason it keeps repeating in my head.*weird*

  19. Randy Exclusive

    I didn’t tell yall which one she was on purpose. Even though I said her name and she commented.

  20. sexylady12_michst

    First off let me say that I hate the song “Bust It Baby”, I think Plies is annoying, so when i read that “Bust It Baby” and “Lay Up Girl” was the same thing, I started not listen, but they from S.C so I had to give it a shot. Let me say this song is a 1000 times better then “Bust It Baby”. I’ve listen to it three times already. I think they should get the clean version and get that thang on 106 & Park b/c I don’t think the whole ASS CRACK thang will fly for t.v.. tmi strangly on the third time of me listening to the song I found myself saying that line. Keep doin your thang, you guys are very talanted -smooches-

  21. DeWayne

    I heard about these guys thru facebook, they got a pretty big following/fanbase. I like this song, and this is really not my type of music. I checked out their myspace and the songs on there were even better. BIG UPS, im a fan.

  22. j.scott

    i neva knew the word ass crack could cause so much convo but appreciate the love on the song that we getting.

  23. Aftan

    It is just a VIDEO! And was done VERY tastefully!


    I love the video. Its not just some local cheap shit that you see everyday since so many people claim to have talent. I love the transfers and hey all the talk is much appreciated. . Cant wait for the next video i wana be in that one too!

  25. Aftan

    I was one of the girls in the Video and thanks everyone for the GOOD comments! Much appreciated!

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