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August 29th, 2008


I’ve been kinda keeping an eye on this story about schools in Clayton County, because it’s over in the side of Atlanta that I reside (College Park, Riverdale, Forest Park area a.k.a. The Hood). Well, Clayton County schools have been in a fight to keep their accreditation, and yesterday they basically lost that battle.

(Read story here)

That’s really fuxed up, because thousands of students may have trouble getting into college, and/or problems with getting student loan money and scholarships. I don’t have any kids (at least none that I know of), so I didn’t follow this story as closely as I could have, but hearing a story like this is some sad shit. Kids are basically attending a Clayton County high school for 4 years and ending up with an unaccredited high school diploma. WTF!?!?

Clayton schools can regain their accreditation if the district meets mandated within the next year, but that’ll take for some Joe Clark type shit to happen, but let’s pray that it does.

I never thought I would have been so thankful to have graduated from a high school in South Carolina. JIHS, baby! Let’s hope Clayton county gets it together soon. Kids nowadays are fuxed up enough as it is.

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6 Responses to “Another Case of The PTA”

  1. Bahama

    DAMN…that is messed up, but shoot schools in Florida are accredited and nucca’s still graduating dumb as hell..lmao but seriously I’d be pissed.

  2. Iz'e

    I just moved down there after living there for 2 yrs. So Rando if you staying down there, you shoulda seen that comin. Those kids down there off the chain! But actually, as long as the seniors transfer out, they will ok. =)

  3. B.B. Brooks

    The game has changed so much…From school to music…where are our people going???

  4. CathrynMarie

    geesh – now thats just SAD!

  5. boi-dan

    College is one thing, but high school……. Someone needs to be shot.

  6. ElleNoir

    damn, that’s sad. on so many levels.

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