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Ok, so I’m not nominated for an Espy. But I am nominated for an award at the Southeast Music & Entertainment Summit. The SMES was founded by James Heyward and my dude Tony “Chubbz” Marcus in 2001. It’s a music festival that shows some love to independent artists from South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, and this year, the SMES is a three-day event going down in Myrtle Beach, SC, September 26th – 28th. They’re having different showcases, panels (I’m on one of them), workshops, parties, and the awards show on that Sunday the 28th.

The award that I’m nominated for is called the “Bridging the Gap” award. By definition of the SMES: “This award is dedicated to the individual or company that bridges the gap between the regions and helps it grow and showcase independent and unsigned artist.” (I’m glad they put that description up because I wasn’t really sure what that award was about. And thru The Block, Ozone and, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing).

If anyone is interested in voting for your boy, you can go to the SMES nominations page and cast a vote for me, (R.E. aka Randy Roper):

Vote for SMES Bridging the Gap Nominees Here

Shouts out to my homie Shekeese the Beast and my peoples over at One Love Marketing Group, who are nominated in the category, too. Oh, yeah, voting ends on September 1st, which is like Sunday or something. I know I’m pretty late with posting it, but I’ve always been a last minute kinda guy. Even in grade school, I used to start work on science projects the night before they were due.

But for real though, it’s not about winning. It just feels good to be nominated and recognized by my peers. You know, I’ve never really been nominated for anything, so I just wanna thank Chubbz and James Heyward for doing this event, and for showing love to myself and all the other people nominated for awards (shit, I think everyone I’ve ever met in SC music is nominated at least once).

I started my journalistic career by interviewing unsigned and independent artists, and no matter what, I’m gonna continue to show love to my indie artists, because there will always be talented individuals that make quality music and deserve the chance to be heard from.

Anyways, for more info on the SMES, log on to I’ll prolly see some of you out there. Get at me if you see me.

Producer 9th Wonder speaks on the SMES

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7 Responses to “I Sport Fly Ish, I Should Win An Espy”

  1. chuckt

    congrats and good luck homie

  2. CathrynMarie

    Congrats Pal =)

  3. Iz'e

    awwwww congrats rando =) i wanna be just like you when i grow up…you’re such an inspiration…. ;) sike!

  4. Savage

    you got my vote!

  5. Maurice Garland

    congrats…that shit is smart, i tried votiing twice…wouldnt let me, hahahah

  6. Nanci O

    hard work is recognized…way to go!

  7. Nika

    Congratulations to my best guy!!!!!

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