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This girl gets by on looks alone, and I don’t mind one bit.

Da Brat got 3 years in jail for busting a bottle over a waitress’ head. (Damn). So, I had to flashback to her first single. The year was 1994. I remember buying this Brat CD. I was like 13 at the time. I didn’t pay attention to the Parental Advisory sticker on the CD. I put it in the player with my mom in the car, expecting to hear the clean version of “Funkafied.” Needless to say, it wasn’t the clean version. Luckily, my mom is cool like that. If I had one of them mean azz mommas, she would have prolly whipped my azz.

August 22nd, 2008


Shouts out to the hater that left this comment under my last South Crack: The Album post. Obviously this nucca is looking for attention, so I’m gonna give him some shine:

Mack45 aka “Mad Cause We Shinin’ On Him” says:

You guys have nothing better else to do. The CD is dry. Charlamagne is also. Randy you and Charlamagne need to lay in the bed together. I agree with Queen and Martin. Yes it is Wendy Williams Show, but when you suck Dick (sorry:( a long headed pussy) then you should have some pull. You both are workers ( clock in-clock out) So don’t run around talking about..Oh I’m the Music Editor..Oh, I’m the co-host when all you are as a staff workers with no pull. Charlamagne we all know Kevin Hunter have the remote button on your ass. That is why your sorry ass is always in South Crack. You need someone to suck “Yes! your sorry as Stupid Dope Dick”. I’m surprise it didn’t drop off yet. Your baby Mama is a ugly hoe!!!!You both come back home to host, throw parties etc: Because ATL and NYC don’t like you sorry asses. That is why you Randy always have ro remind people who you are. Walking around with Tee Shirt’s say ” I’m famous here in South Carolina” ( what ever the fuck it say’s) Because your not famous no where else. You guys are so so so so sorry.Blue Collar Workers..
By the way the CD may have sold 20,000 copies, but I guess with $1.99 you MADE people buy it. Try to sell it for $10 and see how many people would buy it. Shit! your in Store only had what??? 20 people the most. Sorry Stupid Dope Move House Nigga. You picked the right name: Stupid ( that is what you are) Dope ( you look like one) Move ( becasue you make moves to hate on nigga’s).

Ha! Why so serious? That might be the best hater comment I’ve ever seen on The Block. Why you mad at me? Because my homeboy dropped a CD with artists from my home state and I use my blog as an outlet to support them? Wow. You sound like a hater to me, homie. Luckily, I’m confident in myself and my life, that comments like these effect me in no shape, form, or fashion. I mean, if me or Charlamagne fuxed your girl, or if you gave me a CD and I told you the shit sucked, I’m sorry. But you know, what…life’s good, bruh. I wish you the best in whatever you’re doing with your hater life.

I’m gonna file this one under “hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids.” (c) Kanye West “Bring Me Down”

South Crack: The Album is available online for $1.99 here. Hi Haters!

August 22nd, 2008


I stumbled across this song with Drake and Lil Wayne called “I Can Take Your Girl” and that’s pretty much the only song I’ve been listening to all week. It’s a hot song, if you can get passed Weezy’s auto-tune overuse, but dude’s been using that vocoder so damn long, I’m starting to get used to it (he still sounds bad tho). Drake is prolly my favorite unsigned artist. Dude goes in on the mic and I can relate to a lot of the shit he raps about, but that’s because he usually raps about getting at chicks, and that’s all I really give a damn about nowadays. I can relate to “I Can Take Your Girl,” even though I don’t like to deal with women that have a man. I used to be on shit like that back in college and high school, but I’m a little more grown up now, and I don’t like to mess up a happy home, unless a girl is just throwing it, but I’m not gonna pursue a chick that’s wifed up. I still love the song tho. Here are my Top 10 fav songs of the week, and don’t forget to drop your fav songs in the comment section. You guys put me on new shit sometimes.

1. Lil Wayne, Drake & Kid-Kid – “I Can Take Your Girl” (Listen here)

2. Kid Cudi – “Day N Night” (Listen here)

3. Asher Roth – “I Love College” (Listen here)

4. The Game ft. Nas – “Letter To The King” (Listen here)

5. B.o.B. – “Lovelier Than You” (Listen here)

6. Yung Berg ft. Pleasure P, Twista, Jim Jones, Maino, Cap One & Casha – “The Business (Remix)” (Listen here)

7. Pleasure P ft. Wes Fif – “Say My Name” (Listen here)

8. Lil Wayne – “Pussy Monster” (Listen here)

9. 88-Keys ft. Bilal – “MILF” (Listen here)

10. Damm D – “Love Me” (Listen here)

What you listening to?

Update: Shouts out to Mic Skilz for putting me on this other Drake & Wayne song: Lil Wayne, Drake & Kid Kid – “Stunt Hard”


So, my homegirl gets a bunch of bootleg DVDs from the bootleg man because dude likes her or something (I really hope she ain’t fuxing the bootleg man for DVDs, but I wouldn’t put it passed her) and I stumbled on her movie stash today, so I stole borrowed a bunch of movies from her, in an attempt to get caught up with my movie game. Last year I saw three movies in the theaters—Stomp The Yard, 300 and I can’t remember the other one, it probably sucked—so I’ve been trying to get caught up in ’08. I’ll been up in the theaters, utilizing my on-demand and hitting up Blockbuster…I’m on it.

Anyways, I know I’m hella, hella late, considering This Christmas came out in November of ’07, but I finally saw it tonight. The joint was kinda good, in a put-a-bunch-of-familiar-black-actors-in-a-film kinda way, but any movie with Lauren London in it gets the thumbs up from me (even ATL). I didn’t even know Davd Banner was in this movie. Not that he’s a good actor, I’m just sayin’.

You know, I haven’t really been doing shit with my life since I got back from Houston. I haven’t felt like going to the clubs or bars or anything. To be real, I’ve just been sitting in the crib watching movies (laaaaaaaame, I know). Last weekend I finally saw Transformers and Office Space, and this weekend I’m gonna watch Hancock, Semi-Pro, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins and Meet The Browns. And if everything goes as planned, I’ll prolly checkout Tropic Thunder (I heard it was funny as hell). I know there isn’t anything exciting about sitting around watching movies. That really isn’t anything to blog (or tweet) about, but this last month has been hectic for me and I just need to chill for a minute.

I appreciate my readers that have stuck by your boy and continued to visit The Block. I’m gonna get my swag back. But right now, I’m at the crib…on my movie shit.

Lauren London + Keri Hilson + Gabrielle Union = The best Ne-Yo video ever!