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So, today T.I.’s new album Paper Trail official came out, but if you ask me, that shit came out like 2 weeks ago. Anyways, I got my copy. Ok, I’m not going to front like I bought it, because I didn’t…the label gave it to me. My dudes Yancy Richardson and Moses Davis over at Atlantic had a Blogger Appreciation event last Friday, and they put the T.I. album in goodie bags for us. I had a good time at Blogger Appreciation night. Free food, free dranks, and I’m good. (Check the recap here and here). Anyways, I was going to buy Paper Trail myself, but then I remembered the gas situation and I refuse to burn gas unnecessarily. So, unless I happen to ride by a Best Buy or Target, I’m not going out of my way to buy T.I.’s album when I already got it in my hands, and on my laptop. Just being real.

Rihanna Is My Kinda Chick


I saw these pics of Rihanna and Chris Brown back up in KFC on Necole Bitchie’s site. That’s what I’m talking about and that’s why I fux with Rihanna. Chicks be acting like they too good for you to take them to a fast food joint. But sometimes a nucca just wanna get a bucket of chicken and take it back to the crib. So the next time one a girl complains to me about going to KFC, Bojangles, Churches or any fast food restaurant for that matter, I’m sure my response will be something like this, “Well, if Rihanna can eat at KFC, you’re two piece and a biscuit azz shouldn’t have a problem with it.” Hey, I’m just sayin’.

Investment Lloyd Banks

Its the Real killed Lloyd Banks again. I can’t lie, I used to like dude’s music, but I can’t even stomach it anymore. Don’t really know what it is. I guess, I just don’t wanna hear about him robbin’ and killin’ me anymore.

Ole Girl from the Parenthood?!?!
Yessir, Reagan Gomez knows she’s fine. My King should be coming in the mail any day now.

My interns says this is what kids are into now

SMH @ kids these days. I just realized this is the same shit Ms. Rivercity was playing in our office the other week. Wow! Swag surfin’? Really?

Did ya’ll see that Chris Rock special?
Entourage wasn’t that good on Sunday. Luckily I caught the Chris Rock HBO special, Kill The Messenger, right afterwards, and that shit was f*cking hEElarious. Man, ya’ll gotta see that shit if you haven’t already. It’s prolly online, everything else it.

That’s it for now, I got work to do. Hit ya’ll with another one later this week.


New one for the ladies from my homie Gemstar Da Goldenchild. Peep the Sidney Shaw reference in the last verse, you can tell Gem reads The Block. 

Gemstar Da Goldenchild – I Wonder If

September 26th, 2008

I woulda been on The Block earlier but my homie ran outta gas in the middle of the road, and I had to go take him a gal. It’s hard out here in the A right now. If anyone needs me this weekend, I’m parking my car and I’ll be at the crib.


I know you all are probably wondering why I didn’t update The Block yesterday. Well, I was at the j-o-b all day yesterday, and while I do make update from my office sometimes, we’re finishing up an issue and during that time I’m usually too focused to do anything else.

I know some of you don’t really give a f*ck and ya’ll want that Block fix no matter what. One of my homegirl readers texted me like, “WTF, that’s it on the blog today? You only posted one thing and I feel like bitching.” But since she’s preggars, I expect that from her. Sometimes having a blog is like being a kid on a leash. You really can’t get too far away from your blog, and if you wander away, best believe readers will yank you back. I’m not complaining, I appreciate you all. It’s a good feeling to have people that love coming here everyday to read the bullsh*t I write about. But at the same time, there are no days off in the blog business.

Anyways, after putting in 12 hours at work, I came home with the intentions of updating The Block, but for some reason my laptop kept freezing up. I had to reboot it like 5 times, each time it froze up again, so I got frustrated and just went to sleep. I woke up this morning, hoping I wouldn’t have to take my PC to the Best Buy Greek Squad. I turned my computer and it’s mysteriously working now. I still don’t know what happened, but I’m sick of this sh*t. Man, f*ck what them “I’m a PC” commercial are talking about, my PC is a piece of sh*t. I really want to get a Mac, but we’re in a recession, and people are actually starting to throw around the word “depression,” so I’m saving every penny I can…just in case. So, that Mac will have to wait.

But yeah, I hate my PC, but I’m back on The Block. And I will post multiple updates today. Thanks for letting me vent. I just had to get that off my chest real quick. F*ck you, PC!!!

(I kinda feel like spazzing like Kelis did when she first came out).

September 24th, 2008


I saw Tyler Perry’s A Family That Preys the other day and I can sum this movie review up simply:


Nah, I’m bullshitting. Check the review after the jump.

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This kid is a riot. If you don’t know, Latarian Milton is the 7-year-old kid that stole his grandmother’s car, took it for a joyride and said he did it because he “wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friend.” Classic. Then he beat his grandmother’s ass over some chicken wings. Well, now, the kid stole his grandmother’s car again. SMH. I’m sorry…this shit isn’t funny, but at the same time…this shit is FUNNY!

Update: MGG just brought this to my attention, but this video appears to be another edit from the first time he stole his grandmother’s car and not a totally different incident. But you know what, it’s still hella funny and I’m leaving it up anyway.


I heard this song back in like ’02 or ’03…something like that. It’s an unreleased Freeway song, and it’s probably my favorite Freeway song ever. It’s just kinda stuck in my head right now.

September 23rd, 2008


Laveranuas Coles sealed it last night with his touchdown. My team is 3-0 and in 1st place in my fantasty football league.


All I got to say is what up!!!







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