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This kid is a riot. If you don’t know, Latarian Milton is the 7-year-old kid that stole his grandmother’s car, took it for a joyride and said he did it because he “wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friend.” Classic. Then he beat his grandmother’s ass over some chicken wings. Well, now, the kid stole his grandmother’s car again. SMH. I’m sorry…this shit isn’t funny, but at the same time…this shit is FUNNY!

Update: MGG just brought this to my attention, but this video appears to be another edit from the first time he stole his grandmother’s car and not a totally different incident. But you know what, it’s still hella funny and I’m leaving it up anyway.


8 Responses to “Latarian Milton Is The Gulliest 7-year-old Ever!”

  1. Adam Aziz

    Latarian = the truth

  2. KJtheGreat

    um…how did a 7 year old learn how to drive? seriously.

  3. Bahama

    *leaves page thinking, i’m glad i’m a 80′s baby*

  4. Steelz

    You ever heard of Grand Theft Auto….Lol!

  5. BoRn

    You ever see a kid you just want to fuck them up like whoop his ass with the biggest belt you can find….he’d get his ass beat 2 days straight non stop if he was in my family

  6. Maurice Garland

    yall sure this second clip aint the first one with a new edit? its kinda odd that they didnt mention he had done it before?

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, I think you’re right.

  8. buddywhite

    WTF?!? Grandma got rims?!?! Check the 1:53 mark on the video

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