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September 24th, 2008


I saw Tyler Perry’s A Family That Preys the other day and I can sum this movie review up simply:


Nah, I’m bullshitting. Check the review after the jump.


A Family That Preys stars Alfre Woodard, Sanaa Lathan, Rockmond Dunbar, Cole Hauser, Taraji Henson, Robin Givens, Tyler Perry and most importantly Tyler Perry’s afro. I don’t know what the f*ck that nucca had on the top of his head, but whatever it was I couldn’t stop looking at it. It stole the show. I was like, “what’s the purpose of the nappy afro, I just don’t get it.”

Anyways, this movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I don’t know. I’m just not the biggest Tyler Perry fan. I kinda liked Why Did I Get Married, but all those other movies he put out were weak. I mean, dude is doing his thug thizzo on the movie scene. He’s dropping a movie like every month, he’s damn near keeping black actors alive in Hollywood, and this time he even has white people in his film, so you know he’s making moves now. And I pat him on the back for that.

But my thing with his movies is that his characters are always so one dimensional. If a character is supposed to be spiteful, the character is overly spiteful. If a character is naive, the character is overly naive. If a character is generous, the character is overly generous. They just don’t ever have any depth (well, to me anyways). In this movie, Sanaa Lathan (although she looked guud), was not just a b!tch, she was a super b!tch.

And on top of that, the storyline is always so predictable.  20 minutes into the movie and I already knew what the f*ck was gonna happen. I coulda walked out and caught another flick (I shoulda saw Lakeview Terrace). Dude’s plot is always the same. Man meets girl. They have conflict. Drama. Drama. Drama. Climax. Here comes the twist, but since it’s so predictable you already knew it was coming. Everyone lives happily ever after. The End. Watch any Tyler Perry movie and that’s what’s gonna happen.

But this movie wasn’t all bad. It had it’s moments. It was interesting and had some funny lines. Shit, the chicks that I went with loved it so much they spent the last 15 minutes boo hoo crying, while I gave them the side eye like, “are these heffas serious?”

So, I’m not gonna rip this film. It was ok. If you’re a Tyler Perry fan, then you’ll probably think this was one of his best films. Shit, I’m not a Tyler Perry fan but I thought it was one of his best films, but then again, I never really liked none of his shit. Well, if anything, Sanaa Lathan is in the movie. So, looking at her makes up for the basic plot and simplicity of the characters.

I’ll give it 3 outta 5 chicken sandwiches:


If you like Tyler Perry go see it. If not, wait for the DVD.

13 Responses to “A Family That Preys (Movie Review)”

  1. buddywhite

    damn re, u hit the nail on the head. This niggas movies are always the same(not hating). Matter fact, when I’m discussing them I tend to run them all together. Mixing “diary of a mad black woman” with “”why did get married” and vice versa. But I guess they’re decent. As far as the overstated characters: I was almost offended by some of his stuff at first. It just seemed like some “negroidian bafoonery”. Shit just seemed so dumbed down, but I guess that’s the point. It’s easy to watch and follow the storyline. Or maybe this nigga has no real “screenwriting talent” and he writes the movies like plays because onstage the characters have to translate easily to the audience. But the brother is getting paid and kudos to him for his donation to the foodbank in a.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    I can’t knock him because he’s getting that money. But I swear his movies are overrated. I’m glad you feel me on that.

  3. donte regis

    i gotta agree wit you on that re. i was having the same convo with a friend the other day. she loved the movie and asked me why i didn’t want to see it, and i said cause i already saw it. every movie is the same yo…… with all that said i still can’t knock his hustle.

  4. ADOTB

    i agree also RE…i think his PLAYS WAS THE BAIT AND NOW HIS MOVIES ARE SPINOFFS OF HIS PLAYS…i personally think if you seen his plays there is no need to see his movies…but my wife loves his movies and plays and i’m going to see Family Preys tonight…1

  5. iz'e

    i said the same when i saw it with my best friend. i mean it sounded good and even looked good, but he needs to end the movies with the reality of things. everything doesn’t end like that in real life…lol he is a bad mutha shut yo mouth in the box office. How’d you like that slap Rando? :-P

  6. Randy Exclusive

    The slap looked kinda fake. Plus, how you gonna put your hands on Sanaa Lathan. Nah, fuck that, I woulda slapped her ass too.

  7. Babygirl

    I saw the movie the 1st weekend it came out to support the black filmmaker… Even though his movies are predictable, I’m just glad that he has the black industry still working, let’s face it, if you’re not Denzel, Will, Morgan or Halle, you’re not really making the money you should anyway…

  8. Randy Exclusive

    He gets props for keeping black actors employed. I’ll give him that. But his movies still aren’t good.

  9. Pt ONassis

    R.E. the movie was straight, but off the subject though, whats up with your boy Kesean ???!!! Sucker punching, that was not a good look bruh, especially watching it on this video link tha i was at WSHH.

  10. Pt ONassis

    Samuel L. Jackson had a crazier afro in unbreakable though, it was legendary.

  11. Randy Exclusive

    The movie was ok. Not great like most people will lead you to believe. I have no comment on Kesan, never met the fella.

    And that Samuel L. fro was something crazy.

  12. Sly

    i agree about the tyler perry comment….totally overrated. i like about 20% of his movies. not a good ratio right there. on the flip, i do appreciate the non-stereotypical shit that he makes though.

  13. CathrynMarie

    I agree – the movie was VERY predictable but I kinda enjoyed. I dislike his Madea movies, except that first one he did with hers her face – yanno the one that had Tiffany Evans in it (ha). I enjoyed Why Did I get Married (heyyy Lamman *smilez*) but that Meet The Browns *gag*!

    I will say that this movie seemed to have a HUGE budget, so I respect him coming up and as you stated, keeping the black actors in films. Too bad they aren’t award nominated type of films :/

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