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I know you all are probably wondering why I didn’t update The Block yesterday. Well, I was at the j-o-b all day yesterday, and while I do make update from my office sometimes, we’re finishing up an issue and during that time I’m usually too focused to do anything else.

I know some of you don’t really give a f*ck and ya’ll want that Block fix no matter what. One of my homegirl readers texted me like, “WTF, that’s it on the blog today? You only posted one thing and I feel like bitching.” But since she’s preggars, I expect that from her. Sometimes having a blog is like being a kid on a leash. You really can’t get too far away from your blog, and if you wander away, best believe readers will yank you back. I’m not complaining, I appreciate you all. It’s a good feeling to have people that love coming here everyday to read the bullsh*t I write about. But at the same time, there are no days off in the blog business.

Anyways, after putting in 12 hours at work, I came home with the intentions of updating The Block, but for some reason my laptop kept freezing up. I had to reboot it like 5 times, each time it froze up again, so I got frustrated and just went to sleep. I woke up this morning, hoping I wouldn’t have to take my PC to the Best Buy Greek Squad. I turned my computer and it’s mysteriously working now. I still don’t know what happened, but I’m sick of this sh*t. Man, f*ck what them “I’m a PC” commercial are talking about, my PC is a piece of sh*t. I really want to get a Mac, but we’re in a recession, and people are actually starting to throw around the word “depression,” so I’m saving every penny I can…just in case. So, that Mac will have to wait.

But yeah, I hate my PC, but I’m back on The Block. And I will post multiple updates today. Thanks for letting me vent. I just had to get that off my chest real quick. F*ck you, PC!!!

(I kinda feel like spazzing like Kelis did when she first came out).

10 Responses to “I’m a PC, And I’m Sick of This Sh*t”

  1. Babygirl

    Lol… you funny. When you’re home again you can come use my MAC…

  2. Randy Exclusive

    So, you just gonna rub it in but taunting me with your mac, huh?

  3. Babygirl

    Well it’s really my Moma’s but you can still use it… lol

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Ha, you stupid. Thanks for the offer.

  5. Adam Aziz

    Yeah you gotta cop a Mac Randy…but they are no joke price wise…picked up a Macbook Pro…and (in Canada at least) it was $2900 bones with a few programs and a mouse

  6. Randy Exclusive

    3 stacks…good lord.

  7. Savage

    yea i was peepin out the iMac but them bitches cause a good 2k at least for a good one with all the features. I dont think I can get on that level yet lol. might have to ebay it

  8. KJtheGreat

    it’s an investment dude. think of all the cheese you’ve put into buying a new laptop, getting it services, installing updates and all that. you’ve probably spent ATLEAST 3 stacks. the ONLY reason i haven’t switched to MAC is because I’m not a big ipod fan and so, not only will i have to get the laptop but i’d have to replace my mp3 player and external hard drive! say it wit’ me: CHEEEEEEEESE!

  9. Miss Ladyred

    Thanks Randy :-) Im in a better mood today love my BLOCK

  10. Miss Ladyred

    lol damn that Kelis video was so me yesterday and i was just talking about that video yesterday

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