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September 26th, 2008

I woulda been on The Block earlier but my homie ran outta gas in the middle of the road, and I had to go take him a gal. It’s hard out here in the A right now. If anyone needs me this weekend, I’m parking my car and I’ll be at the crib.

5 Responses to “ATL Is On E”

  1. Iz'e

    it’s so cold in the A, how the f*ck we ‘posed to make it through the day, there’s no gas on any side, no money to pay our tithes…. hehehehee

  2. 5dollaz

    niggaz betta get wit MARTA

  3. Lexilex

    Negro!! I was a witness to this!!
    Homie, I had to drive from 285 & Cascade to Bankhead to get gas and then I could only get silver… but unlike an unknown person, I didn’t run out and block up traffic! LOL!

  4. AdotB

    sheeeit everybody complaining about gas but i dont see alot of people driving hybrids though…i own a toyota prius hybrid which gets up to 50 mpg in the city *insert Kay Slay adlibs GODDD DAMN! its time to stop riding fly and ride green…1

  5. Bahama

    I could ship yall some gas?? just keep in mind we paying over $5 for it…you still want it? LOL

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