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So, today T.I.’s new album Paper Trail official came out, but if you ask me, that shit came out like 2 weeks ago. Anyways, I got my copy. Ok, I’m not going to front like I bought it, because I didn’t…the label gave it to me. My dudes Yancy Richardson and Moses Davis over at Atlantic had a Blogger Appreciation event last Friday, and they put the T.I. album in goodie bags for us. I had a good time at Blogger Appreciation night. Free food, free dranks, and I’m good. (Check the recap here and here). Anyways, I was going to buy Paper Trail myself, but then I remembered the gas situation and I refuse to burn gas unnecessarily. So, unless I happen to ride by a Best Buy or Target, I’m not going out of my way to buy T.I.’s album when I already got it in my hands, and on my laptop. Just being real.

Rihanna Is My Kinda Chick


I saw these pics of Rihanna and Chris Brown back up in KFC on Necole Bitchie’s site. That’s what I’m talking about and that’s why I fux with Rihanna. Chicks be acting like they too good for you to take them to a fast food joint. But sometimes a nucca just wanna get a bucket of chicken and take it back to the crib. So the next time one a girl complains to me about going to KFC, Bojangles, Churches or any fast food restaurant for that matter, I’m sure my response will be something like this, “Well, if Rihanna can eat at KFC, you’re two piece and a biscuit azz shouldn’t have a problem with it.” Hey, I’m just sayin’.

Investment Lloyd Banks

Its the Real killed Lloyd Banks again. I can’t lie, I used to like dude’s music, but I can’t even stomach it anymore. Don’t really know what it is. I guess, I just don’t wanna hear about him robbin’ and killin’ me anymore.

Ole Girl from the Parenthood?!?!
Yessir, Reagan Gomez knows she’s fine. My King should be coming in the mail any day now.

My interns says this is what kids are into now

SMH @ kids these days. I just realized this is the same shit Ms. Rivercity was playing in our office the other week. Wow! Swag surfin’? Really?

Did ya’ll see that Chris Rock special?
Entourage wasn’t that good on Sunday. Luckily I caught the Chris Rock HBO special, Kill The Messenger, right afterwards, and that shit was f*cking hEElarious. Man, ya’ll gotta see that shit if you haven’t already. It’s prolly online, everything else it.

That’s it for now, I got work to do. Hit ya’ll with another one later this week.

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7 Responses to “Classic Randomness: Got My Paper Trail, You Got Yours?”

  1. akshun

    man….for a cat like me..too much music came out: zro, murs, heltah skeltah, ti, ill bill, madlib, robin thicke, jake one, blu….man the best releases are comin out now! people can’t complain..even new york got a bangin album out!

  2. KJtheGreat

    got my T.I.P.! haven’t listened to it yet though. ITsTheReal kills it everytime!

  3. ADOTB

    i need to hear more off PAPER TRAIL for me to spend my cash and i doubt i even buy it at all with that WHATEVER YOU LIKE single GTFOHWTS…what the hell is up with ITS THE REAL HATIN ON BANKS…fuck them white boys and real talk even though its SUPPOSE TO BE FUNNY…i bet they ran into banks they wouldnt be postin that bullsh#t…banks flow is raw as coke and if you dont like banks you dont like other rappers that rap style is similar to his such as Fab,Juelz,Cassidy,Papoose etc…its seems to me that PUNCHLINES DONT MATTER ANYMORE…KRS BIG DADDY KANE RAKIM KOOL G RAP ALL HAD GREAT PUNCHLINES IN THE RAPS fans or haters or whatever need to wake da fuck up B/C EVERBODY AINT DANCING AND PARTYING…reagan is fine dammit man…Chris Rock is crazy….1

    PS banks 718
    it might not be necessary thats just how i feel/
    nigga if you dont like me die slow pop a pill/
    you aint got a career b/c you got a deal/
    half these dudes told theyll come out never will/
    on the real/
    these cupcake niggas know the deal/
    my goons give out the wounds you dont wanna feel/

  4. CathrynMarie

    Yancy <====my dude for real! I love that Ninja! =)

  5. kisha

    i love kfc, burger king, mickey d’s, wendys etc. i love fast food :-)

  6. Iz'e

    you need to find a picture of Lauren, Sanaa, or Megan in a KFC. Ain’t that who you’re after. Anyways yeah R.E. I was at the black people’s football classic this weekend and I saw the, ‘SWAG SURFIN’ dance literally come out of nowhere. I though it was some greek thing cause only kappas and sigmas were on stage, boy was I wrong……

  7. buddywhite aka Varnel Hill

    Papertrail is pretty decent but I refuse to buy it. Clifford stills owes me twelve dollars for that gimmick he husltled me onto buying last summer. Rihanna don’t really look to happy to be a kfc. IMO she should be thankful, a chick is lucky if I give her a cold. I feel u on the killin and robbin. But u can’t deny 16 bars of Banks’ mixtape material! Btw; banks > luda (that should get you going…lmao). Ok, Reagan is hott, but ain’t King just BET on’s fallen off a bit( it’s definately no ozone!) The last issue I bought was with stacy dash on the cover and it literally had 30 pages of rim ads. That’s 30 out of 128. Give the swag surfin niggar props…they’ve finally graduated to real jordans. Chris rock had me dyin! He was funny on everything he was on last week… 2 fingas

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