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New one for the ladies from my homie Gemstar Da Goldenchild. Peep the Sidney Shaw reference in the last verse, you can tell Gem reads The Block. 

Gemstar Da Goldenchild – I Wonder If

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8 Responses to “Gemstar Da Goldenchild – I Wonder If”

  1. youngburna

    im in class so i cant hear it…can’t wait to get to tha barracks so i can download this joint…RANDY IM WORKIN ON SOME DOPE SHIT!!!! GEM GET AT ME!!! SOUF CAK ALL DAY

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Holla at me, Burna.

  3. Nanci O

    dang r.e. what happened to you @ smes this weekend?

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Shit, I’m broke. The economic is fucked up. Gas is high (and scarce in Atlanta). And I simply couldn’t afford to make the trip. Times is hard.

  5. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Ayo I’m gone send you the mix and mastered extend version later on this week … Ayo I’m gone try 2 send you a new joint like every 2 days pimp…

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Send it over. You already know.

  7. Nanci O

    dude i feel you. if it wasnt for my neices’ big wheel a nigga wouldnt be getting anywhere these days.

  8. curtis

    this kid can flow his ass off.. more props to south cak i think u got one!!!!

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