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November 25th, 2008


I just heard this Clipse’s record and they got my wifie on an interlude at the end. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. I mean, f%ck it…I still love her. You see these pics, right? The girl could cheat on me all day, I’ll be on some Mario Winans, sucker for love azz nucca sh!t and be completely happy. Oh, the pics are from some event LL was at the other night. Not quite sure where though, but it doesn’t matter. The girl is amazing.

The Clipse – Big Dreams/Lauren London Interlude




You know, I post a lot of South Carolina music, just to show love for my people from the Carolinas. And I get this question a lot: “Why don’t you post music from Pachino Dino?” Well, guess what? That nucca doesn’t email music, and I’m sorry, I’m too muthaf@ckin’ busy to go knock on his door to get a CD single, so anyone looking for mp3s from him just has to miss out.

But guess what popped in my inbox today? I got an email with two new Pachino Dino songs. Yep, for the first time ever, I’m posting tracks from Charleston, SC’s most notorious rapper. I fux with Dino, so hopefully he understands that it’s standard procedure nowadays for your single to get leaked to the internet. We’re talking about a guy who’s best known for the song “Addicted To Murder,” so I don’t want no problems when I go home this week.

Shouts out to Parry Watson for sending these over. And another shout to my dude Twin D on the beats.

Pachino Dino – Body Rockin

Pachino Dino – Coming Home

November 25th, 2008


I can’t lie ya’ll. I’ve been kinda down the last couple days. The season finale of Entourage aired Sunday night, and now, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my life. Since the season began in September, every week I’ve lived for Sunday at 10 pm, just so I could watch the BEST show on TV. The mortgage crisis, economy, high gas prices, the plummeting price of p*ssy, none of that ish matter because I knew come Sunday night, for a half hour, Entourage would wipe all my worries away.

Yeah, halfway through the season I started getting into True Blood, that show was pretty good too, but no way was it anything like watching the boys from Queen run wild in Hollywood. (Btw, True Blood‘s season finale was Sunday, too. Bumper).

Now we have to wait until the summer for the next season to start. Actually, the last season of Entourage had 20 episodes, while this season only had 12. I think HBO owes us 8 more episodes. But trying to convince them of that would be a lost cause. I was satisfied with the season finale, so I can’t really complain. I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year.

But I miss these guys already (no homo). You guys don’t understand. I rooted all season for Vince to get back on his feet. Drama cracks me up every time he speaks. I see a little bit of myself in Eric. I cheer whenever Turtle gets some azz. And Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven) is the best character on television, and secretly, I would trade my life for his any day. I love this show.

The same way you heffas were crazy over Sex In The City, us guys ride or die with Entourage. To all my Entourage junkies out there, don’t worry, we’re going to making it through. So until next year, Entourage…I salute you. The best show EVER (next to The Wire, of course).

Ok, I usually don’t be on this kinda sh!t, but I know it’s gonna be the talk of the town internets, so I’ll address it quickly cause I know you muthaf@ckas wanna know about it. So, last night the Dirty Awards was held here in Atlanta, which is an annual awards show put on by Radio One (but for the most part it’s an ATL thing).

I didn’t go, because…well, I don’t really like rappers, and I’d much rather watch Monday Night Football. Anyways, word on the streets net is an altercation between Grand Hustle and Shawty Lo’s crew D4L took place. I wasn’t there, I can’t really speak on it, so that’s all you’re gonna get out of me. If you want to know more, I’ll drop a couple links and post some videos of the altercation. But that’s it. I really try not to promote this kind of behavior.

Grand Hustle, Shawty Lo Camp Rumble At Dirty Awards (via AllHipHop)

Shawty Lo & T.I. Clash (via Gyant)

Furs + Fighting = Dirty Awards (via Straight From The A)

Dirty Awards Photos (via Ozone)

The Good and the Fights (via Necole Bitchie)


I meant to post this the other day. I still love this f*cking song.

Lil Ru ft. Gorilla Zoe, Mr. Flip, Collard Green & Lil Broad – Nasty Song (Remix)

November 21st, 2008


I’ve been sitting on this info for a few weeks now, but I’d like to go ahead and introduce Yung Daze, and announce that Daze is an 18-year-0ld rapper from Greenville, SC, that just signed with Mr. Collipark. Yes, the man that produced the Ying Yang Twins, discovered Hurricane Chris and turned Soulja Boy into a megastar has chosen a kid from South Carolina as his next artist. This marks the first time a South Carolina rap artist has signed a major deal since…since…since…I can’t even remember when. For all my SC people, this is a big deal…South Carolina we got one!

I haven’t met this kid yet, but I like what I’m hearing about him. First, instead of getting DJ Drama or DJ Scream or some DJ from off to host his mixtape, he reached out to SC’s own DJ Chuck T. And for his photo shoot, he got my man Clevis Harrison to take his press photos (credit the picture about to Clev). Now, that’s what we call “keeping it South Crackin’.”

So, be on the lookout for Yung Daze. His mixtape with DJ Chuck T, The Emergency Room will be out soon. And his first single is called “Contagious” (which I’m posting below).


This is a good look for my home state. We got Yung Daze working with Mr. Collipark, and Lil Ru has a surprise for you muthaf@ckas, too (but I’m not sure if I can break that news just yet).

Anyways, 2009 is looking mighty promising for South Cack. We’re the last that never did it. But stay tuned. South Carolina, we got something to say.

Yung Daze – Contagious

Read Yung Daze’s bio after the jump.

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November 21st, 2008

So, my girl JB went down to Miami earlier this week, and interviewed Lil Wayne. There was some kind of rumor talking about Wayne said “f#ck Ozone” or “Ozone was sucking his d*ck” and ruining hip-hop or some sh!t. I don’t know, because I don’t really follow the rumors circuit…I just do me (you know, blog on my mac, watch sports, go to Starbucks, download music, f#ck hoes promiscuous girls…you know, cool nucca sh!t).

Anyways, in the interview Wayne is talking about the rock music he’s working on, and then the conversation gets into the role of Ozone in the hip-hop community. To put it shorty, Wayne basically says nuccas f#ck with Ozone, and the mag is on the come-up (which pretty much deads the aforementioned rumor).

Now, he also say some ish about people getting in Ozone and talking wreckless like muthaf#ckas ain’t gonna read the interviews, in which Weezy says, “watch what you say, muthaf#ckas.” So, I’m over here at and this nucca Gyant says some ish like, Wayne threatened “all the Ozone writing staff members.” (*Blank stare*). NIGGA!?!?! Where the f#ck do you see that at?

Clearly, when Weezy says, “watch what you say, muthaf#ckas” he’s referring to artists that say whatever they want during their interviews with the magazine. He’s not talking about our staff (I’m the music editor at Ozone for anyone new to The Block). Ok, I just wanted to clear that up. So, get it right, Gyant.

Ok, I’m done talking about, Wayne. I’m Weezy’ed out.


New Drizzy Drake Rogers, off his forthcoming mixtape, So Far Gone. This one is on some other ish, but I fux with it. Straight from October’s Very Own.

Drake ft. Lykke Li – Little Bit







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