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The CQ Press’s Annual Crime Ratings were released last week, and my home state, South Carolina, is once again amongst the gulliest states in the country. This year, SC came in as the # 4 Most Dangerous State, with Nevada holding the crown as the most dangerous.

In terms of cities, North Charleston, SC moved up the ranks from last year to #10 (I think it was #12 last year), and New Orleans regained its top spot as the murder capital and the most dangerous city in the US. I think Detroit was #1 last year, but it dropped to #3 this year, but Yung Berg would probably disagree with that ranking.

Even though rappers like bragging about murder like it’s cool, we all know most rappers are stupid none of this is anything to be proud of.

Visit the links below to view the numbers, just so ya’ll don’t think I’m making this stuff up:

Most Dangerous States of 2008

Most Dangerous Cities 0f 2008

(Souf Crack Most Dangerous State pic via 5 Dollaz)

15 Responses to “SC’s Gangsta > Your Home State’s”

  1. ChuckT

    we been around 10 for a while now. I remember visitin some homies at benedict some years back and them ninjas drew 12′s on they white ts. SMH

  2. Randy Exclusive

    That’s sad.

  3. 5dollaz

    I swear I was bout to email u is shit to put up, Dats crazy.

    here go a dat real sign I made…


  4. Nanci O

    my whole fam is from SC. i spent all my summers there.
    what does 12s on white ts mean?

  5. JefRo Dolla

    I know this sounds trifling, but I’m a lil upset that my great home of Compton didn’t make the list this year. If times get any harder, I’ll have to personally make sure that we crack the top 10 next year. lol

  6. chuckt

    @nanci o – it mean dont get fucked up lol

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Nanci O: That was the year North Charleston was ranked #12, so that’s where the 12 came from.

    SMH @ JefRo.

  8. BuddyWhite

    smh…north charleston c/o ’02…d-road all day…but is it possible to be ashamed yet proud?

  9. boi-dan

    poverty and the most baddest education

  10. boi-dan

    shit is sad to flip through these cities, what the f*ck is wrong with America?

  11. cthagod

    I was in my hometown of Moncks Corner last Tuesday and just came back to Jersey Monday. It was two shootings in my hometown this week. One was my cousin who shot a dude in the head, and the other was this little jitterbug who somehow got in the club with a pistol and took Mr. Taylor’s “I’ll Shoot that Fucker Right Now” a little too serious. I promise to Allah when I find out that little kids name i’m turning him in. All he’s gonna do is end up killing somebody one day little violent fucks like that don’t need to be walking the streets. You call it snitching I call it doing what’s right.

  12. Savage

    “Shit real down ya”

  13. big t


    No. 7: South Carolina

    For the eleventh year in a row, the Palmetto State has fallen into the top ten unhealthy states.

    Contributing to its rank are its high percentage of low birthweight babies, high infant mortality rate, high number of new AIDS cases and high rate of sexually transmitted diseases.

  14. Writer’s Block Media

    [...] Some new music from my hometown. Shouts out to MIDIMarc for sending this over. This is the kind of music you make when you’re #10 in the nation. [...]

  15. Scr8 Geechee

    N. Chas was #7 for 2007, #10 for 2008… Post and Courier did an article on it, and the chief said that tenth in da nation was a big step up!

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