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Re is a new artist out of Atlanta that’s signed with DJ Toomp. I’m fuxing with his music, and my homie Dre Ellis has been working with this kid too. Ya’ll might wanna check him out.

Bonus: Young Re – 2nite (produced by Dre Ellis)

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8 Responses to “Young Re – I Just Wanna Be Signed (Video)”

  1. Mic Skilz

    Thats Whats Up..I Can Relate To This Guy..”Quater Tank Of Gas And A Trunk Full Of My Mixtapes” That How I Am Right Now

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Real shit. haha

  3. younGBurna

    he woulda been great on sleep…i gotta get this dude on a track…me, him , and this otha cat was sposed to be doing some shit awhile back..ima holla at heard his remix to that alicia keys joint

  4. 5dollaz

    wow! when I seen da title, I swore u was goin rap.
    I was bout 2 talk double xtra shit!

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Bwhahahaha. Nah man. Don’t sleep though. I’m nice, but I retired in ’04.

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Nah, I didn’t hear that one. But yeah, Re is dope.

  7. Young Fresh Money

    Yea Dude Is A Problem

  8. Kash Kastro

    yeah.. hes dope… GOTTA STAY CONNECTED LIKE USB… HAHA dope

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