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Since I’m one of the few hip hop sites that represents the lovely state of South Carolina, by posting music from the state that birthed me, I can say with confidence that The Block is the premiere site for getting SC music out to the internets (if anyone wants to disagree, we can compare traffic numbers). So, because of that fact, I get a lot of emails from aspiring artists from SC. The emails usually go something like, “yo, man. How can I get my music posted on WritersBlock?”

Most of the time when I get an email like that the music sucks azz, and I usually get tired of telling my people to do better, so I’ve decided to post up music from nuccas that email me from time to time in what I’ll call Pump It or Dump It. Actually, the Pump It or Dump It concept comes from my hometown’s radio station Z93 Jamz (the only hip-hop station in Charleston). They used to play a song and have listeners call up and vote, “pump it,” and they’d put the song into rotation or whatnot. Or the listeners would vote “dump it” and the song would never be heard on Z93 Jamz again. So, that’s basically the concept I’m running here.

Here’s a song from Young Fresh Money, who’s a Block reader, and a up-and-coming rapper from Columbia, SC. He wants to be on The Block, so here you go, homie (I made you famous).

Can ya’ll please give this young brother some feedback, as I ask my readers Pump It or Dump It?

Young Fresh Money – A Dime

19 Responses to “Pump It Or Dump It: Young Fresh Money – A Dime”

  1. akshun

    i’ll pass on this one. no disrespect, but you gotta be more creative than that with a chick song.

  2. Dan Johns

    off top, i’m gonna say that this isn’t my type of music. still, i can separate my critical ear from my personal taste. so here’s what i think:

    beat is way too simple, and the rhyme flow sounds very stiff, like dude reading off of the paper. memorize your rhymes before yuo step into the booth, or at least know them well enough that we can’t tell you’re reading them.

  3. Randy Exclusive

    Good feedback from two SC vets. Take notes Young Fresh.

  4. Nanci O

    the lyrics are very simple, no depth, content or imagery. a rhyme sound take the listener to another place, tell a story. i also look for rewind moments…like did that dude just say blah blah blah, oh snap let me rewind that.

    the beat…mediocre at best. sounds like three 6 mafia circa 2001.

    plus chicks are pretty much fed up with being called bitches, unless they are in the shake spot making money. and even some of those broads have standards as to what they’ll dance too.

    not hating just stating.

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Sooooo, we can’t call women “bitches” and “hoes” anymore? Not calling anyone that, I’m just saying. I didn’t get that memo.

  6. 5dollaz

    I like dis system RE

    Hell nah
    Im kinda familiar wit Fresh, and this song definantly doesnt compare to when he freestyle
    Fresh, u got caught up in dat whole make simple music for da south shit, the typical mistake that yankees make. When we say simple we mean make for everybody to understand, not 123 abc/ do want to play wit me

    U need to record wit somebody who done been in dis for a min, so they can guide u, because niggaz goin think u wack if they here this song first

  7. JefRo Dolla

    I can’t say anything without sounding like a hater.. So I’ll keep it simple and say “Dump It”.

  8. Mic Skilz

    Dump it…

  9. akshun

    and he from up north. oh hell no. that makes the shit even worse. i mean if this ain’t your steez you shouldn’t be doin it. and i do agree w/ the bitches and hos comment. it’s really all about how you say it. and he’s saying ALL wrong here. i will check for his other shit if it’s available though. thanks to 5dollarz

  10. donte regis

    first of all i want to say i respect anybody out there that is trying to capture their dream, but if i don’t like it then i don’t like it. the whole song was simple………beat and lyrics. don’t restrict yourself to doing the same old thing everbody else is doing. think outside of the box and push yourself to be something more. best of luck to the homie.

  11. akshun

    that’s what i WANTED to say. just do you. everybody is so caught up in the now and not thinking about the long term of this music. you do as others you will fall w/ them too

  12. Sly

    dump dat………for me, the hook was too monotonous and didn’t have life to it. the beat doesn’t add anything to the song. there isn’t anything that makes me wanna listen to this again.

  13. KJtheGreat

    i’ve heard songs with lyrics that aren’t much better so i won’t harp on that. but dude, there is no energy on this track. i literaly feel asleep around the 2:32 minute mark. and is it me or does buddy sound out of breath? i’d don’t like this song but i’d like to hear more from him before i pass on ‘em as an artist.

  14. Rob Leez

    Dump it

  15. Bahama

    I agree with Nanci and KJ..

  16. MIDIMarc

    Dump it

  17. chuckt

    dump it.

  18. Writer’s Block Media

    [...] Young Fresh – “A Dime”: This was the first artist and track featured, and I think everyone agreed that his track sucked (sorry, Fresh). I’m not sure if I’m gonna band artists from The Block that get “dumped” or what I’m gonna do. I’ll figure that out later. Results: DUMP!!!! [...]

  19. B.P.

    Dump it….no explanation needed

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