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Mic Skillz is a regular Block reader from Columbia, SC, and he sent over a track from his mixtape for “Pump It or Dump It.” Go easy on him gang…nah, I’m just bullsh!ttin’, say how ya’ll feel. Constructive criticism is always encouraged.

Mic Skillz – “I Want More”


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24 Responses to “Pump It Or Dump It: Mic Skillz – “I Want More””

  1. Sly

    it’s ok……..beat’s alright….as a rapper, dude ain’t great on this song but he ain’t bad. however, i gotta dump this because the mix is bad. i gotta turn my shit ALL the way up just to hear it.

  2. akshun

    yeah. my only complaint is the mix is bad. i like the beat and the rhyming.

  3. 5dollaz

    It’s aight, I cant say its BAP(Bad Ass Product, 4 u non Souf Cracklinians)but I wont listen to it no mo. So I gotta dump it.

    What makes me dont like it is, I know for a fact RE got yall scared bout what he might say, so yall puttin on yall best HIPHOP/NY/BACKPACK UP NORTH thing going on. Remember, he’s human too. Its only his opinion.

    BE YO SELF, its helps your career a whoooooole lot.

  4. donte regis

    it was ok. i think the flow could use a little work. presentation is everything….one little thing can mess ya whole project up if you don’t present it right. kinda like the mix down kept this song from being better than what it was. overall it was a good effort but i gotta dump it.

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Wait, who the hell said I like “HIPHOP/NY/BACKPACK UP NORTH” rap. Shit, just rap. I fucks with anything long as it jams. “Dat Action” ain’t no backpack shit. I fucks with that. Don’t try to label my taste in music my dude.

  6. donte regis

    i gotta co-sign with RE. music is music dude no matter what region it’s from. good music will speak for itself and will not conform to anything. if you consider yourself a down south rapper instead of just a rapper then you strictly will sell in the south. expand your horizons and you will see past the stateline.

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Donte Regis has spoken.

  8. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Cant peep it right now but ill mos def check it out

  9. Nanci O

    its between a dump and a pump. not hot garbage but not the best either.
    also could use a little more energy, if you say you “want more” then sound hungry like you do

  10. 5dollaz

    lol @ RE, Nah! deez niggaz just think dats what u want to hear cuz u drag niggaz so hard, but they gotta understand u hear damn near 98% of southern music EVERYDAY its yo job, therefore they gotta come choppin, so dey best alternative is to try 2 mix it, or just do some otha shit. Preciate da fuck out of “dat action” drop 2 mane!

    @ Donte Regis, music aint just MUSIC. If u aint got no fuckin idenity, then who da fuck is u? NOBODY! like I said in anotha post, love where u from and embrace dat shit, cuz its u, u dont get nowhere being like otha ppl. T.I.P calls himself a southern rapper, and so does Andre 3Racks(da best rapper ever might I add). Da world clings on to shit they have never heard or seen. CASE CLOSED

  11. donte regis

    @ 5dollaz let me repeat good music willl speak for itself no matter what region it is from bruh. your music should be your identity. i never said don’t embrace where you from or try to be like other people. if ya stuff is good nothing needs to be said. like i’ve said before think out side the box become more than your enviroment and the norm. i love the discussion. good shit.

  12. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    I heard it .. I cant say dump it its str8… mixdown could be better other than i pumps its I wouldn’t put it on repeat tho… and music is music… If Clif or Dre was from Arizona the fact is they make GOOD FUCKIN’ MUSIC….In Rap everybody needs a story 50=bein’ shot.. Kanye=Carwrek Jeezy=Trap to become a superstar or identified in a catergory but fuck being in a catergory if thats goin’ to limit you make Good music it’ll reach around the world …West/East/South are just different types of Rap but its ALL RAP MUSIC…Oh yeah “The Most Hated & Underrated” droppin Soon JEAH!!! Rope This pump it or dump it might be the best shid since the internet HOlla atcha Gwalla

  13. MIDIMarc


    Homie…I feel like you’re afraid you’ll make Randy angry and he won’t fuck with Everytime he challenges your opinion you back pedal… Stick to your gunz

  14. MIDIMarc

    and oh yeah….

    dump it…the mix makes it sound like the wisper song

  15. Mic Skilz

    Word, Preciate All The Feed Back.. @5dollaz You Trip Me Out With That “R.E. Got Everybody Scared Of What He’s Gonna Say.” No, That’s How I Rap And Thats The Type Of Music I Make. If You Ever Listen To My Whole Mixtape You’ll See That I’m Not Using This Track As A Front To Score Cool Points, And Stop Thinking You Know What Everybody’s Intentions Are..Cause You Dont..Critisim Is Going To Come From Everybody No Matter What Position Their In And If Music Is Want You Want To Do It’s You Job To Take The Good And The Bad And Learn From It.

    Also I Knew The Mix Was Gonna Be A Problem.. That With Every Song But I’m Currently In The Process Of Learning How To Make It Better

    Until Next Time Peace To All

  16. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    i fux witcha pimpin

  17. MIDIMarc

    More artist should have Mic Skillz’s attitude….for real

  18. ChuckT

    Pump it…I liked the beat flow was aight, content enh but altogether its a str8 track. good luck

  19. donteregis

    That’s real mic skillz much respect and I look forward to hearing more of ya music. Best of luck fam.

  20. 5dollaz

    @ Mic Skillz “Critisim Is Going To Come From Everybody No Matter What Position Their In” exactly so y you sound offended?

    @ Gem and Donte, now I agree dat good music is good music, I actually meant to put dat in my post, when donte said music is music tho, he said he like he was takin up or defending or somethin

    and for da 4654646th time, I bet u any amount of rack, dat a nigga from SC who sounds like he from NEW YORK will never make it, I dont give a fuck how bussin dat nigga is. Imma continue to say this until I feel like it. If u got a prob wit an opinion, U aint made for entertainment.

    @ mic one mo time, what exactly made u pick dat song?

  21. donte regis

    @5dizzle how you sound like you from new york? and to be real a nigga from SC who sound like he from SC hasn’t made it either so i don’t think you have an arguement there either. i fux wit dollaz cause u say what u feel and i respect that even tho i might not agree with it.

  22. Mic Skilz

    @Gemstar: The Feelings Mutual Homie

    @5dollaz: Theres No Reason For Me To Be Offended, That’s Your Opinion But You Seem To Be Saying That I’m Trying To Impress R.E. By Sending My Best Track Which This is Not So He Or Anyone Else Wont Inflict Harsh Critisim Apon Me. And Thats Not The Case, I Just Want Feedback So I Can See What I Need To Improve On.

    Why iChose The Track: iGave About 25 Copies Of My Mixtape Away To Diff. People And Ask Them To Listen To It And Tell Me What They Thought About It, Then iAsked What Three Tracks They Thought Could Be Potential Singles And “I Want More” Was Number One, “Catch Me” And “South Cak” Were The Other Two. Thats Why I Chose That Track. Also Where Can I Check Out Some Of Your Beats At?

  23. KJtheGreat

    wow! let’s bring the focus BACK to Mic Skilz. ayo Mic, i’m the the middle on this track but leaning more toward the “dump it” side. i like the concept of the song but the flow has little to no energy so it doesn’t sound like a track about a hungry rapper on his grind, ya know? and the mix has been spoken on but that really killed it for me, my dawg.

  24. 5dollaz

    @ Mic & REgis
    dat whats hattnin
    go to

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