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So, my dude Gyant over at did a post about this kid from South Carolina named Jus Nice. Gyant hit me up like this kid is the best rapper from South Carolina ever(like I don’t know my own backyard or something). I checked the record, but I’m gonna let you all decide…

Jus Nice’s manager hit me up, too. So, I told them I would post this song, so the Carolina tastemakers could give it some feedback. Jus Nice is from Moncks Corner, SC, and I guess he has a following growing amongst the kids around there. His management has been in the A, and they’ve done a good job of getting him into artist showcases and getting him around to meet people. While all of that is cool, the question still reminds, do ya’ll like his music?

Pump It or Dump It?

Jus Nice – Voicemail


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32 Responses to “Pump It Or Dump It: Jus Nice – “Voicemail””

  1. BuddyWhite

    Randy, clarification need before I comment. In the first paragraph, dude is described as a rapper. What gives?

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Dude is a rapper. He just went the 808s & Heartbreak route on this song. That’s not him on the hook.

  3. mu

    Its very radio friendly..catchy ass hook..i like the singer’s voice on the track too..It’s straight i say pump it!

  4. BANK!

    Yeah I saw when Gyant posted that on SOHH… I mean its a cool record. But I don’t know if he is the best rapper from SC Ever! Gyant was carrying on a bit much.

  5. Mic Skilz

    HmMm.. I Wouldnt Agree That Dude Is The Best Rapper In SC By Hearing This Song But He’s Alright..Lyrics Arnt That Great But The Overall Song Is Cool

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Ok, Gyant didn’t really say “best rapper from South Carolina ever” I just embellished that part. But that’s just how he make it seem.

  7. 5dollaz

    Im choppin wit dis junt, dis could be a big song. This da best on pump it or dump it so far, by a long shot.

    pump dat shit!

  8. 5dollaz

    I dont mean to double post but it ironic as hell dat dude cover say AVOIDING CLICHES and he did a autotune joint! just thought to point da out

  9. Randy Exclusive

    Leave it to $5 to point out the obvious. Praise ‘em, then shoot ‘em down. Haha.

  10. BuddyWhite

    Ok….I guess as far as mainstream you could pump this…but I ain’t feeling this. He want the chick to leave a voicemail but like Drake say “she sent me one back(a message)/ but I don’t even read it/ cause pussy’s only pussy and I get it when I need it”

  11. BuddyWhite

    Also, his management might wanna get some other joints out there. Dude doesn’t wanna get misrepresented by this song on some “Young Gunz-No Better Luv” shit. Just my .02

  12. Randy Exclusive

    Bwhahahaha @ the drake reference. I told his manager, “niggas don’t even leave voicemails anymore. People just hang up and text you.” But what do I know?

  13. akshun

    not feeling it. this is pretty wack imo. some b2k shit

  14. 5dollaz

    dis nigga RE need a reality show, and dat nigga buddywhite need to be in it 2, dude be dead ass serious, but what he say be funny as hell.

  15. donte regis

    if i was still a young whipper snapper i might be feeling this song, but it’s really kind of basic. the hook is dope……..lyrics not so much. i want to see what he got when he goes in on a track. pump it the kids will love it.
    oh and that was an ill line by drizzy.

  16. Iz'E

    I see that I’m late, but it’s ok. Nice lil cute song. Kanye could definitely be on the remix. Jus Nice = Jus Fine ;) and leave B2K alone 5dollaz

  17. KJtheGreat

    pump”ish”…by far the best “pump or dump” thus far. i agree with donte and i would prefer to reserve judgement until we can hear him really go in on a track.

    he lost 3 cool points with his “Geffory the giraffe from ‘Toys R Us’ rockin’ the Levar Burton StarTrek shades while holding a spray can” tee shirt but then i remembered he’s from MC so i gave him one point back. tell his management that he needs that BRWN DRBY in his life and if he need a stylist, i got him on that too! real talk! lol

  18. KJtheGreat

    p.s. – dude, tweet a brotha when you update the “pump it or dump it”. i hate being the last dude to comment. i want in on the action, son! lol

  19. rapperboy

    I say pump it. Nice vibe but we’ve all heard it before and we all know Gyant gets paid to blog certain shit.

  20. Sly

    the actual rapping on this song ain’t impressive, but not horrible. overall it’s a good song. personally, i don’t think it’s as great as it sound like dude tried to pump it up to be, but i say pump it.

  21. younGBurna

    i was bout to say…this nigga aint nicer than me on tha mic lol…but naw…tha hook is nice….the verses is booboo tho…well not booboo…but this could be a hit….if he did them verses different…but ima pump it..

  22. Watts

    for all those who said Jus Nice can’t spit

  23. Jus Nice Mgr

    First I wanna say thanks to Randy for posting Jus Nice record and doing the write up on him 2nd I wanna say the record is a commercial mainstream record and if you ask any chic out there they’ll tell you Jus Nice is one of the hottest artist out there period. Just ask around sc. Jus Nice work ethic is top notch and his music and artistry is getting better everyday. Remember haters chics buy albums nigga download them. So we know what and where we trying to take this artist. Give it time and you’ll be calling to book him for a show. Promise you. But for the meantime watch this haters. Jus Nice goes in on Cannon

  24. Randy Exclusive

    My readers ain’t gonna like being called “haters” luckily, everyone’s pretty much moved on from this post…things woulda got ugly.

  25. BANK!

    LMAO! So your a hater now when you offer your opinion. And here i was thinking you actually had to hate to be considered a hater. I don’t know who this manager dude is but he sound a little sensitive. Feedback can be positive and negative. Either way if you believe in yourself and your artist keep doing your thing. Keep working on your craft, and it can happen.

  26. 123

    Honestly, his manager is just taking up for his artist. I respect that. My homegirl put a status up about this song on facebook. “Voicemail” is pretty hot. I say PUMP IT.

  27. Jus Nice Mgr

    This msg is for BANK. If you wasnt hating don’t involve yourself in that category. I’m speaking strictly to the people that just got on here and try to go in on my artist. I value each and every opinion given and all were understood but the one thing you gotta realize like I stated in my comment this record aint for niggas its for the chicks and I bet not one chic that heard the song had anything bad to say about it period. Like I said niggas gone always hate when they wanna be where that person is. So if anything homie you being sensitive about being a hater because nobody commented directly to you until now. So for future reference read through what Jus Nice people are saying when they make comments.

  28. Randy Exclusive

    I don’t think Bank! was hating. But seriously, no one was really hating. Boy, if you get offended by those comments, I’d hate to see what happens when nuccas really go in. I mean, when people start being like “fuck you” just to say fuck you. That’s hate.

  29. Jus Nice

    I will be honest and say that some off the comments got to me but then it made me realize something…I have to stay in my lane and do what Jus Nice does. Gyant never said I was the best rapper from South Carolina…he only said that I was a full time college student and working hard to get my name out here. I stepped out my comfort zone with “voicemail”..Avoiding The Cliche is about me, my situations, and me growing as an artist who records out his dorm room. There has been growth since the mixtape dropped and you”ll soon be hearing it. South Carolina and especially Lander University has shown me so much love and I will forever keep thanking them for it. Randy thanks for putting it up here because didn’t have to do it but you did and I really appreaciate it. Again I’m not offended by anyones opinion because I have to stay in my lane and do what Jus Nice does. But thank you all for taking the time to give your opinion because I really took a whole lot from it. Thank you South Carolina and God Bless to everyone.


  30. 123

    WOW dude is humble. much respect. jus i heard your cd and you have what a lot of established rappers don’t even have REAL TALENT. i heard CANNON if yall haven’t heard it yall need to. all i got to say is DAMN. jus nice you going places man. keep grinding.

  31. Writer’s Block Media

    [...] of ya’ll may remember this kid from South Carolina, Jus Nice, from when I featured him for Pump It or Dump It. The kid’s been doing his thing on the music tip, along with attending Lander University, so [...]

  32. RTew

    SC is pumping it all the way. We respect a brother that chases a dream, and then catches it

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