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DJ Dyce sent this track over for “Pump It or Dump It” but since he had South Carolina vets like Ru, Marley Mar and Piazo on it, I decided not to give it the “Pump It or Dump It” treatment, but you guys can still give it some feedback.


9 Responses to “DJ DYCE ft Mike Smith, Lil Ru, Hollywood, 12 Gauge, Marly Mar & Piazo – SC Lockdown”

  1. donte regis

    its str8. it’s good to hear from piazo again……i hadn heard from him in a minute.

  2. akshun

    gonna listen to this later. my mom is in town and i don’t wanna wake her up. i will say i hope mike smith produced this. heard his beats at the beat battle and dude got some heat

  3. BANK!

    Dope record. The mix could be better but this could definitely be a hit.

  4. akshun

    yeah this is pretty good

  5. Young Fresh Money

    Yeah Hard As Hell

  6. MIDIMarc

    Hollywood did his thing on the beat!!!

    Pump It

  7. Dj Krypto

    Pump. We need more collabos like this in SC!!!

  8. Hollywood (hollywood&ko

    this song is hot it aint mixed right cuz this was the first copy and dyce just threw it on here but damn i killed this beat if anyone outhere need beats hit me up @ or

  9. Hollywood (hollywood&ko

    and i second dj krypto sc artist tend to have the crab in a bucket syndrome if we came together like atl we would blow this includes dj’s too they dont really show no love for local artist unless someone in there pocket trust me i’ve seen first hand so yall dj’s get it together and artist get together and will work whole lot better im out hollywood

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