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Kim Kardashian is a bad muthaf@cka. I don’t care if she did let Ray J hit it from the back while she looked into the camera. If I had to choose between smashing Kim K or smashing Keri Hilson, I’d probably go with Kim K. Don’t get me wrong, Keril Hilson can get it too, but she ain’t got the curves like Reggie Bush’s piece (I ain’t made at you #25).

Kim K is on the cover of Complex this month, and you can catch some more pics from her spread over at Sickamore’s blog or the Complex site (I just don’t feel like posting the rest of the pics on The Block. Having a bad day, work with me here, people).

Kanye is on the other cover this month too, but really, who wants to see Kanye when you can have Kim Kardashian. Kim won.

11 Responses to “I Don’t Care What Ya’ll Say…”

  1. Dan Johns

    I’m Dan Johns and I approve this message!

  2. akshun

    oh yeah she is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD

  3. Randy Exclusive

    *Daps Dan Johns and akshun*

  4. WarrenJae p.k.a Burna

    she is bad..i’d hit…but i couldnt be in no serious public relationship wit a chick who got a sextape out gettin slaughtered like that….maybe im too prideful…but i think yawl niggaz crazy for that one….”shakes his head at Dan Johns, Randy Roper,and Akshun”, fuck niggaz thinkin

  5. Savage

    A little off topic but ummm was on worldstarhiphop and peeped this out.

    you dont get the interviews with the porn stars?

  6. Dan Johns

    who said anything about being in a serious relationship with her?

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, nobody said anything about wifin’ her.

  8. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Kimmy K Shiddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd thats a no brainer .. She BAD…. and yup yall niccaz would wife her…. Cuz Reggie Bush got mo bread than anybody on this site n he wifed her

  9. Randy Exclusive

    Hmmmm…good point. Yeah, I think you’re right Gem. I probably would wife her. She got it.

  10. WarrenJae p.k.a Burna

    GEM STAR!!! LMAO!!! MY NIGGA!!!so why gem had to brang yawl out b4 yawl stated tha obvious….or at least randy….you aint got ta liiee craaiig you aiinnt goot too liieeee hahaha

  11. Randy Exclusive

    Shit, you must have forgot my slogan. “Every girl has been slutted out as least once.” Hell, Ray J beat her down on camera, ok…so.

    If Reggie Bush could live with that, hell, so could I. Haha.

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