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I kinda fell back on Pump It or Dump It, but that was just because of the site redesign and getting things back up and running as usually, so I’m ready to get Pump It or Dump It back going. I’m going to post some new tracks this week, but I have to recap Week 2 first. Week 2 only had a couple songs, so this shouldn’t take long.

Mic Skillz – “I Want More”: The voting for Mic Skillz was pretty much neck and neck, so I can’t really tell which way the votes went, so I guess I’ll have to make the decision myself. Ya’ll know I’m a tough critic. I mean, the song wasn’t bad, but based off the actual quality of the song, and a couple spots where Skillz’s rhymes were kinda choppy, I’m going to have to say dump it. That’s not to say, MS doesn’t have potential, you just got some work to do, homie.
Results: Dump!

Jus Nice – “Voicemail”: As for the kid Jus Nice. It’s pretty obvious that this was a quality song, and without question the best song I’ve posted on Pump It or Dump It, so it’s a definite pump. Even with that said, this song isn’t THAT great, as it’s pretty cliche and bubblegum like. But Jus Nice is an artist that we should keep our eyes on. He’s not there yet, (regardless of what a few people have to say). But he does have the potential to develop into a quality artist. Cool song, that I’ll probably never listen to again.
Results: Pump!!

New Pump It or Dump It tracks will be up all this week. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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12 Responses to “Pump It or Dump It: Week 2 (Recap)”

  1. Young Fresh Money

    RE time 4 me 2 make dat return

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Ha! Nah, man. You gotta wait. You were just in Week 1. No returns for at least 4 weeks. Pick your tracks wisely.

  3. Dan Johns

    good stuff, I check for the Pump it or Dump It section.

  4. WilliamH

    i cant really give jusnice props because i found out that’s a song is on sound click and theres a bunch of versions… and THAT’S SO LAME (in my jayz voice)but oh dude who makes the hooks and make money off them is a beast..

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Wow. I’m about to check that out.

  6. 123

    honestly jus nice has the best version of the song. i just checked out the other versions.

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Nah, this is the best version

  8. BANK!

    WOWWW!!! Fedarro and Freqbeatz are pretty dope. I’ve found 6 different versions of Voicemail so far. Jus Nice version is still pretty good. But honsetly the hook is what makes the song. Keep doing your thing homie.

  9. 123

    nah randy. idk bout that one but we all have our own opinions bout the song. but safe to say, jus nice is the only one getting a lot of attention from it.

  10. BANK!

    Umm actually that version Randy posted had over a million hits. And the dude Fedarro, who actually makes Voicemail work, is putting in a lot of work. He is all over the place. Dude is pretty nice with the hooks.
    That being said I still think Jus Nice has a lot of potential. I got beats on deck and wouldn’t mind working with dude.

  11. 123

    Yeah your right. My bad randy lol. But I got to support Jus Nice. I met the dude and he is beyond humble. He doesn’t even look like a rapper. But yall need to check out his cd. Its pretty good. He has a complete sound…still needs some work. But with the right people. He’s gonna be a problem. Bank yeah you def. Need to work with him.

  12. Dan Johns

    so, wait, we got some Chucky cheese hamilton’s in SC?

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