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This is one of my favorite songs and sayings right now. Move on…

If you let the video buffer from clip to clip, it’ll run for awhile (you just gotta sit through the commercials). T.I., Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, and a bunch of other Atlanta rappers are featured on here for Atlanta Week, which started on March 23rd. Good watch.

I can’t believe Gucci Mane is blowing up like this…

Spotted @ Nah Right.

So, my nig Eric interviewed Aurora Jolie the other day, I don’t really know who she is but she’s a porn star. I mean, I watch porn sometimes (what real man doesn’t?), but not to the point that I know these hoes promiscuous girls are. Anyways, Eric is notorious for interviewing porn stars and strippers, because he’s a perv like that. (Ya’ll might remember when he interviewed Roxy Reynolds awhile back).

Anyways, he interviewed this Aurora chick the other day, and the video was posted up on WorldStarHipHop today, so that’s quite an achievement for my homie. But the best part of the interview is that Aurora’s tit was pretty much out during the whole video, so I don’t really know what she’s talking about, because I was too busy gawking at her breast.

To hear Eric tell the story is hella funny because there’s a part in the video where Mr. Marcus (another famous pron star) comes in the room and kinda sorta jumps into the interview. But what ya’ll don’t see is Mr. Marcus is changing clothes, so Eric was thinking in his head that maybe him and Mr. Marcus were about to run a train on Aurora, but then he realized it wasn’t going down. And that Mr. Marcus was just hella comfortable with changing clothes without telling anybody, kinda like Aurora didn’t really care that her nipple was out, so you get the idea that pron stars really don’t give a fux about being exposed in front of people since they bust nuts on camera for a living.

Anyways, look at Aurora’s tits check the video. It’s NSFW but that should be obvious.


So, I was talking to my “lil shawty” the other day, and she was telling me about this book her homegirl recommended to her called Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey. When I heard the title I thought to myself that it was probably some bullsh!t book about relationships (which it is), and then I thought “Steve Harvery? This nucca? GTFOH.”

I really didn’t think anymore about the book until yesterday, when Steve Harvey was on Oprah. I didn’t see Oprah, matter of fact, I’ve never watched Oprah, but from what I heard this nucca Steve (*sighs*)…this nucca Steve is straight dry snitching on men, and breaking all the “Man Laws.” Now, I haven’t read the book, but after reading the CNN article, the premise that I’ve gotten is this nucca Steve is telling women their standards are too low when it comes to dating. Steve, WTF are you doing?

This nucca Steve is out here talking about if a man doesn’t introduce you to people with a title like “girlfriend,” or “lady” or “wife,” you have nothing, and texting is not dating, and shit like…(SMH)…women should wait 90 days before they have sex with a man for the first time. Steve, WTF, man!!! Who’s side are you on?

I have plenty of relationships where I just text chicks, and they’re cool with that. And 90 days? Who the fux is gonna wait 90 days. Nucca, if I gotta wait seven days, I’m starting to look at a chick like she’s crazy.

As a single man, that has relationships with different women, I have a problem with Steve. They are rules to this sh!t and this nucca Steve is giving away all the secrets. You’re not supposed to do that, Steve. Don’t you know there are Man Laws that say, “thou shall not comment on a relationship that is not his own,” “thou shall not hate on another man’s operation,” and when pertaining to women “thou shall mind his fuxing business.” This nucca Steve is breaking all the rules. You’re not supposed to tell women sh!t like this.

I’m not feeling this nucca Steve Harvey right now. Actually, the way I see it, if you’re a women that’s taking advice from Steve Harvey, you already lost. If you’re at least 21 years old, you should already know the rules and the games that men play, and you should be hip to them. I mean, yeah, I guess the book is cool for women that are in relationships, because from what I’ve heard it touches on a lot to relationship tips and it helps you understand men, but from a single man that’s out here, just trying to “make it do what it do”….Steve, STFU!

Man, I’m boycotting this Steve Harvey, man. “WHO’S COMING WITH ME?!?!” (c) Jerry Maguire. I’m not watching his new movies, I won’t listen to his radio show and I’m gonna skip his parts when I watch Kings of Comedy.

But see, I know his whole game. That nucca Steve only wrote this book to trick women into giving him the p****, or as he says the “cookie.” No really, I know the games. He’s playing that role where you try to relate to women, make them feel as if you’re on their side and you understand them, and as soon as a woman puts down her guard, BANG!!! That nucca Steve done hit it and bounced. I know you’re game, Steve. And I don’t like it. This nucca Steve is trying to play ya’ll. And he must be stopped.


This is obvious an old Lil Ru and Collardgreen track, but Headhunter Records just sent this over, so I’m gonna go ahead and post it up.



Kim Kardashian is a bad muthaf@cka. I don’t care if she did let Ray J hit it from the back while she looked into the camera. If I had to choose between smashing Kim K or smashing Keri Hilson, I’d probably go with Kim K. Don’t get me wrong, Keril Hilson can get it too, but she ain’t got the curves like Reggie Bush’s piece (I ain’t made at you #25).

Kim K is on the cover of Complex this month, and you can catch some more pics from her spread over at Sickamore’s blog or the Complex site (I just don’t feel like posting the rest of the pics on The Block. Having a bad day, work with me here, people).

Kanye is on the other cover this month too, but really, who wants to see Kanye when you can have Kim Kardashian. Kim won.


DJ Dyce sent this track over for “Pump It or Dump It” but since he had South Carolina vets like Ru, Marley Mar and Piazo on it, I decided not to give it the “Pump It or Dump It” treatment, but you guys can still give it some feedback.


Keri Hilson’s debut album In a Perfect World… finally drops tomorrow, so dropping this video today was a good strategy. And on another note, Keri knows she would get the bizness, but that’s pretty much a given that I’d do most any pretty red chick.

March 23rd, 2009


Shouts out to my nig Snook Da Rokk Star. Snook sent over a couple new tracks last week, but I didn’t get a chance to post them right away because I was busy reconstructing The Block, so I’m finally posting his new joints now. Snook is a rapper from Columbia, SC (via New Jersey), and he had a pretty big year in ’08. He had tracks with T-Pain, Lil Boosie, Yo Gotti, and a mixtape with Bigga Rankin. Plus, he was on the Hypnotize tour with Plies and Rick Ross, and  he won an OZONE Award for Patiently Waiting Carolinas.

Man, nuccas were so pissed when Snook won that OZONE Award last year, but I really didn’t see the big deal. This body of work last year speaks for itself, but cats were still mad, saying Snook’s not really from the Carolinas, but the dude has been living in SC for damn near 10 years now, so really…who gives a fux.

Anyways, nuccas are ignant, so that’s why I don’t mess with a lot of people. But that’s neither here nor there. Where was I? Oh, yeah, Snook’s his new songs. They’re below, check ‘em out.

Snook – Swag


Snook – Barney


March 23rd, 2009


Good Monday to ya, and I hope everyone had a good weekend. I want to start this week on The Block by shouting out my people over at the Brown Derby Haberdashery. BDH is a clothing line down in my hometown, Charleston, SC, that specializes in graphic tees, and ya’ll know polos and graphics tees are all I really fuxs with. The homies KJ and ChuckT are regular Block readers, and they run is over at Brown Derby, too.

They actually just dropped some tees for women, so I’m encourage ladies to cop some shirts from my peeps. Their men’s shirts are pretty cool, too. They sent me a couple shirts awhile back, but they didn’t send me the Mannie & Weezy & Juvie & Turk & B.G. shirt; that one is the hotness but beggers can’t be choosers.

But I do rock with this dudes. Their blog is pretty cool, and they interviewed me last year, too. So, I have to return the love that they’ve shown me, and The Block over the years. I’m gonna cop a couple shirts for the summer, too. I rocks the ish, ya’ll nuccas ain’t up on yet.