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April 30th, 2009


I’m not really sure if you all have been paying attention but KFC has this new grilled chicken thing going on. I mean, I don’t really fux with KFC like that. I watched that Super Size Me movie once, and I pretty much stopped fuxing with most fast food places after that. Plus, I went to the doctor in ’04, and they told me I had high cholesterol, so I had to cut back on fried food. So, ever since then I usually order my chicken grilled instead of fried, whenever I have the choice.

Now, I saw the commerical for this KFC grilled chicken, but I thought to myself, “there’s no way that chicken could be any good…it’s KFC.” But then I was on Twitter last night, and my homie Cory Sparks went on a tweet rampage about how good the KFC grilled chicken was. He even said “KFC Grilled Chicken > Drake”:


That’s not a diss to Drake. Cory said that more so to say, “hey, black people really like Drake, so hell this chicken is so good, it’s even better than his music.” (Cory didn’t say that exactly, I’m just kinda paraphrasing). I mean, that nucca Drake is pretty much the hottest new artist out right now, so if nuccas are comparing the KFC grilled chicken to him, I think I need to try it (*pause*).

There’s a KFC across the street from my office, so I think I’m gonna go over there today, if not tomorrow. I actually had to confirm Cory’s report about the grilled chicken and this is what he told me:


I think that’s all I really need to hear. I’ll let ya’ll know how good the grilled chicken is once I try it, but judging from the excitement, it could be “the best I ever had,” (c) Drake.

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So, the numbers for last week’s album sales came in yesterday, and as Block readers already know, we’re playing the Over and Under game over here. I set the Over/Under at 200,000 and according to the numbers I saw at HipHopDX and Billboard, Rick Rawse’s new album sold about 158,000 in it’s first week. The album debuted at #1 which is Rawse’s third #1 album, which is an accomplishment in itself, but the way I look at it, his last album Trilla sold about 198,000 during its first week last year, so looking at this year’s numbers that means about 40,000 people decided they don’t fux with this clown nucca no more, or that they just don’t got it. Well, maybe they had it but decided to spend it on a bucket of chicken at Popeye’s instead (you know it’s hard to compete with chicken on special).

Ok, so if we look back at the predictions everyone made last week, which can be viewed here, ya’ll see that I was pretty much closer than everyone else when I made a prediction that Deeper Than Rap would sell about 150k. I based my prediction like this:

I figured since Trilla sold 198,000 that means regardless of all the coonery that Rawse has displayed over the last few months, there was no way he’d move less than 100,000 units. Then if you factor in that Def Jam would buy at least 50k. Then, you have to figure the other 50k people that brought Trilla last year (people like me), wouldn’t buy Deeper Than Rap this year, so that would leave Deeper Than Rap‘s first week numbers at 150,000. And since it ended up at 158,000, that once again proves that I know what I’m talking about, and I’m always right…I win (“we win everything!” (c) ZE Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi).

I looked back at the comment section from Over or Under, and KJ The Great predicted 150k, too (but he probably just said what I said to be on the safe side) and M.U. predicted 165k which was kinda in the ballpark too, so I’ll give them both props for those calls.

Oh, Asher Roth’s debut album Asleep In The Bread Aisle ended up selling about 62,000 last week, so that’s not really that good. I thought a lot more white folk and college students would go out and get Asher’s album, but I did hear his album was going to be undershipped, and I do believe that, so that might have played a factor in those numbers. It happens. I was in Target last week, and I was going to buy Chester French’s album but I couldn’t find it, and I didn’t feel like going to Best Buy, so needless to say, I never got their album and they ended up doing less than Bow Wow numbers (meaning it didn’t sell so well).

Back to Deeper Than Rap. People can swing the sales numbers however they want to but 158,000, considering how much hype and promotion that was put into this album isn’t really that good. Especially considering Jadakiss sold 134,000 when he dropped his new album the other week, and Def Jam didn’t even put half as much promo into Kiss’ album as they did Rawse’s. I bet if I asked someone over at Def Jam, they can’t be too happy right now. I told ya’ll.

Wait til ya’ll read this Rick Ross interview. SMH. I might have to put some excerpts and post them online. Give me a couple days.



April 28th, 2009

You can’t be, it’s only Tuesday. The show ain’t til Saturday. I’m gonna post Drake ish all week.

Spotted @ RR.


While I was home this weekend, Forbes dropped a new list for America’s Most Dangerous Cities, and once again my home town received a top rating (don’t you darn cheer, Charlestonians). I’ve been keeping up with these kinda lists since I started blogging and my hometown Charleston, SC has always been up in the top 15 or so, beating about cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the regular. Considering how grimey Baltimore seemed on The Wire, you’d think that places like that would easily out rank lil ole Charleston. Of course those cities are bigger, and they have way more crime, but accounting to the per capita studies, you’re more likely to get fuxed the fux up in Charleston than most other places, which also reminds me why I don’t stay home too long or frequent certain parts of town when I do go.

Actually, when I go home, I usually hang around places like the picture above, downtown, where a lot of white people, nice shops, bars, and restaurants are. Now, if you venture off on the other side of the tracks…at the wrong place, wrong time, you might catch a bad one from someone that doesn’t have much to live for (but that’s mostly the people out in North Charleston…not so much the side of town that I’m from), and according to Forbes Charleston is #8 Most Dangerous City on their list.

I know on other, previous lists we’ve had the #7, #13, #20 spots, respectively (of course), so Charleston has always been a place that has no damn sense. And it’s evident since the #1 local song is called “Shoot The Fuck Up.” (SMH). But yeah, you can read the new Forbes report below. America’s Most Dangerous Cities / View list here

Previously: SC’s Gangsta > Your Home States / North Charlest Nuccas Are Still The Realest / Charleston Nuccas Are The Craziest

Charleston Anthem: Mista Taylor “Shoot The Fuck Up”


I went to the movies over the weekend, which is the first time I’ve been to a movie since Notorious came out. But I was kickin’ it with some of my peeps, and we’ve found Sunday to be a pretty good day to take in a matinee. Actually, we were going to see that Beyonce movie, but we got caught up watching the Boston vs. Chicago game, and by the time we got to the theater, we had already missed the start of Obsessed, and figured it be hard to find good seats, so we ended up seeing Observe and Report, which is a movie where Seth Rogen (the dude from Pineapple Express and Knocked Up, and movies like that), plays a mall security guy.

As you’d expect, this movie is one of those dumb funny comedies, where most of the jokes are so stupid that you don’t really have a choice but to laugh, even though you don’t want to. And the physical comedy is completely out of line, so you kinda laugh at some stuff, and you’re appalled by the rest.

Although I was amused by about 50% of this movie, this is one of those films where you’re better off going to see when you’re high or intoxicated, that way you’ll be entertained a lot easier. It wasn’t a bad movie (although that is debatable depending on who you ask), but I wouldn’t run the risk of going to see it with you significant other, or you might end up getting that look like, “why the fux did you pick that movie?” (I’m not saying that’s what happened to me, I’m just saying, we all know the feeling when shawty doesn’t really like the movie you picked. You might not get any later that night).

Anyways, I do like Seth Rogen movies, but I’ll have to put Observe and Report at the bottom of my Seth Rogen top movies list. I probably woulda been better off trying to find a seat in Obsessed after all, even though I heard Beyonce kinda sucks in it, but I don’t expect anymore from her when it comes to movies. Observe and Report wasn’t a complete waste to me, but I would have been better off just watching it online, instead of actually paying to see it.



Trailer after the jump.

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My homie Playboy Tre just dropped a new mixtape. If you don’t know who Tre is…I can’t lie, I don’t even feel like explaining it right now, but his music is tight work, so just take my word for it.

Shouts out to B. Rich, DJ Watts, B.o.B. (Bobby Ray, or whatever he calls himself now), and, too.

Mixtape Download: Playboy Tre – Liquor Store Mascot

Tracklisting is underneath.

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Some of my Carolina folks may have heard of On Point Magazine. My homie Steelz out in Florence, SC started this magazine a few years back, but I don’t think he’s put out an issue in awhile. I’m not sure why, but you know if King can’t even stay in business, imagine how hard it must be for an upstart magazine.

But On Point isn’t a men’s magazine. It kinda focuses on the Carolina music biz and the who’s who in South Carolina and North Carolina. I’ve never heard of this Nesah Lashay girl that’s on the cover, but I googled her and came up on her ModelMayhem page that says she’s a video chick/model from Charlotte, NC, and Steelz is probably trying to hit, so he used the “I Can Make You Famous” card. You guys should probably head over to ModelMayhem and look at some more of her pics, cause she’s kinda sexy, and it’s not like we’re getting anymore issues of King.

Anyways, back to On Point. I actually wrote a couple articles for Steelz before I moved to Atlanta. But since I’m big time now, I don’t have time for such a magazine (I kidd, I kidd). I was on Facebook earlier today and  left a comment on Steelz’s wall, and he told me he could see me on the cover…I mean, I am Famous In South Carolina, so it only makes sense. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. But I could at least get an interview…that Rain guy has been in On Point a couple times and he can’t be saying anything that important. But yeah, I won’t wait on the cover, you know industry people are all into selling dreams, even though that would really be a “Mama I Made It” moment.

I’m not sure where you can get On Point, but check out Steelz’s blog…er…myspace, and it’ll probably have some more info about it. Yo, Steelz, tell Nesha to holla at me. She CGI.







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