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April 2nd, 2009

I’m predicting the internets will have a field day with these covers.



15 Responses to “OZONE May Issue Covers”

  1. KJtheGreat

    all i can say is, Mims must have an excellent PR/Marketing team. dude is one of the few to be able to “bounce back” after being declared a one-hit wonder by “the streets”.

    i mean, i don’t know if i’d say “He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack!” but just look how buddy just got RIGHT back on the radio and into press publication like he never left. T-Pain been going STRONG for the pass two years, been featured on over 60 songs and i don’t think i’ve EVER seen him grace the cover of a magazine! lol random thoughts i know.

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  3. Randy Exclusive

    T-Pain was on the cover of Ozone a few months back though.

  4. Nanci O

    something about that pink writing and the smedium purple knit sweater don’t seem right. im just saying.

  5. Savage

    Like really…MIMS?!?!?

  6. Savage

    all those other names on the cover would have been better than…MIMS!!!

  7. Dan Johns

    aye R.E. were you reading how Charlemagne was killing Flo-Rida for overusage of the black hair spray shit on twitter yesterday? it was pure comedy. looking at the picture reminded me of that. how old is dude anyway?

  8. akshun

    jim jones? mims? wow

  9. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, I saw that. Charla is a fool. But Flo Rida is what 26? Or so he says. haha

  10. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, Mims. *shrugs*

  11. 5dollaz

    dat nigga jim jones destroyed swag

    Im glad cam back

  12. Babygirl

    I don’t like Jim Jones!

  13. KJtheGreat

    ok Randy, like 1 cover versus, someone like Plies that’s been on maybe 12? Nappy Boy needs better PR, maybe they should holla at Mims and dem. lol

  14. Randy Exclusive

    Touche, KJ. Their PR obviously sucks.

  15. akshun

    that nigga flo rida gotta be at least 35. i’m 28 and this nigga look like he can be uncle big brotha

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