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It’s been awhile since I have live blogged an album review. But since Deeper Than Rap is probably the most anticipated album so far this year, I thought I’d stay up and give you guys a track by track review as I listen to the album for the first time. I don’t really fux with Rawse like that anymore, but I’m still expecting this album to be pretty damn good. So, without further ado, here it goes. My live blogging review of Rick Ross’ new album Deeper Than Rap.

1) “Mafia Music” – I’m assuming these tracks are in order, so I think the album would have started off with more excitement if it didn’t start off with a track that leaked to the internets months ago. This is the song that Rawse first dissed 50 Cent. Don’t get me wrong, the dude goes in, but nuccas already heard this one. He could have at least started the album with a real intro and then go into “Mafia Music.” Fux it, though. The track still bangs.

2) “Maybach Music” ft. T-Pain, Kanye West & Lil Wayne – Heard this one already too. This sh!t goes hard though. Kanye West sets it off with his verse. If I had to rank the best verses: Kanye West > Lil Wayne > Rawse. No, wait, Rawse than Wayne. I’m not sure what that Weezy be rapping about sometimes. That nucca Wayne said, “All black Maybach, I’m sitting in the asshole…” Really, Wayne? Really? SMH.

3) “Magnificent” ft. John Legend – Rawse’s single right here, so we’ve all heard this one, too. I didn’t really like this track when I first heard it, but it’s been growing on me. It’s a cool record, but I don’t believe anything Rawse says, so it’s hard to really feel this song. Next.

4) “Yacht Club” ft. Magazeen – Finally, something I haven’t heard yet. Cool beat. Rawse’s braggin’ about being a Boss (that’s typical). This Magazeen guy is signing some reggae. Something about letting the ladies in the yacht club. Ok, I like this.

5) “Usual Suspects” ft. Nas – This one already leaked too. It’s another banger, though. Nas killed Rawse on his only sh!t, too. But would you expect anything else? Not saying that Ricky can’t rhyme, he can’t, but he ain’t fuxing with Nas on a bad day. Ill track, nonetheless.

6) “All I Really Want” ft. The-Dream – This track was around the net too (damn, I’m sensing a theme here). I can’t really get into songs about Rawse fuxing hoes promiscuous girls. We’ve all seen his baby mamas, so that nuccas ain’t pullin’ no dimes. Dream basically made this track somewhat listenable for me. The weakest of all the songs so far, but it’s not a bad record. I think it’s the next single too, but don’t quote me on that.

7) “Rich Off Cocaine” ft. Avery Storm – Another flossing, living the life record. The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League killed this beat, and that Avery Storm guy, that was on the Rick Ross & Nelly song from Rawse’s last album sounds good on here. Another solid song.

8 ) “Lay Back” ft. Robin Thicke – Wait, is this really Robin Thicke? GTFOH. Another song where Rick Ross tries to cater to the ladies. But do women really like his “chick records”? (Now, if that was Drake, hoes promiscuous girls would go stoopid). I have to tune that nucca out, but Robin Thicke’s part is cool. Damn, Rick Ross went commercial with this feature.

9) “Murda Mami” ft. Foxy Brown – Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are not the ’09 Bonnie & Clyde. Let’s get that straight right now. Ok, it’s cool to hear something new from Foxy, but that’s about it.

10) “Gunplay” ft. Gunplay – I guess Rawse had to let his weedcarrier rap on at least one song. This is the song where nuccas talk extra gangsta and whatnot. It’s ok, but not one of the better tracks on the album.

11) “Boss Lady” ft. Ne-Yo – Damn, another chick record with an R&B feature. Who the fux told Rick Ross he was a sex symbol? *Pause*. Anyways, it’s not a bad song. Ne-Yo did his thing. A lot of Def Jam flavors on this album, I see.

12) “Face” ft. Trina – 9 times out of 10, if Trina’s featured on a song, it’s about fuxing. So, yeah, that’s what this song is about. Do people even like Trina anymore? Anyways, the beat is hard, but I ain’t trying to hear about this nucca getting head…Trina neither.

13) “Valley Of Death” – We heard this one too. Can’t remember if the whole song already leaked to the internet, but he dissed Fiddy Cent on here…wait, he said something about Trick Daddy, too. Gotta rewind that part. (*Rewinds*). Oh, well, I don’t really feel like typing everything he said about Trick Daddy, but I don’t think Trick is gonna like that. Sounds like Ross is kinda touching on the whole C.O. thing, but I don’t believe him. Well, at least the beat is dope.

14) “In Cold Blood” – Last track. And he’s still dissing 50 and G-Unit. You’d think he wouldn’t have paid that much attention to Fiddy on this album. Especially not on the last track, he even has Fiddy Cent’s old stick up kid, Bang ‘Em Smurf on here.

Recap: Ok, I’m done. Honestly, I thought this album was gonna be better than this. The beats are good, but there are too many chick records and not enough “Maybach Music” type songs. Rick Ross is definitely a good rapper, and he does go in on most of the songs, so I can’t complain about his rhymes. Also, a lot of the songs have been on the internet for weeks, so that kinda takes away some of the album’s luster. But I can’t really take that away from the overall rating. Deeper Than Rap is a good album, though. And one of the best albums to drop this year. But it’s not as great as a lot of people will probably try to make it out to be.

Fav Songs: “Mafia Music,” “Maybach Music 2″  and “Usual Suspects”



16 Responses to “Live Blogging: Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap (Album Review)”

  1. Dan Johns

    still a fan of the live blog. I’m not afraid of the live blog on the next project either! haha.

    If Ross’ album was coming out months ago, shouldn’t it have been done before all of the beef? so it kinda sounds like he pushed it back to make more diss records….dumb.

  2. fuck randy

    all rappers like that wack sc music but this is wack?

  3. Big Homie

    Damn …you hit it right on the nail, pause. I was reading this and I thought just about the same exact thing track by track almost. I heard the album last night and thought the same thing. The album was just okay. His best stuff on the album leaked days, weeks ago.

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Dan, I didn’t even think about what you just said. That’s a good point. (I got you on a live blog review too. Since this isn’t the first time you’ve asked).

    I’m glad you’re feeling me on the review, Big Homie.

    I’m just going to act like I don’t see the “fuck randy” comment. Haha.

  5. akshun

    wow…randy you must know you big time w/ post like that. LOL. i’m about to listen to this joint right now

  6. ZWolfe

    Officer rickyyyyyyyyyyy… i can’t take this guy seriously.. he makes okay music but i dont believe any of it.. what girl thinks he’s at all attractive.. dudes got the biggest gut that i’ve seen thus far.. ha

  7. Nanci O

    alot of these tracks were on ‘mayback season’ which dropped back in march.

    it pretty much eliminated the need for ‘deeper than rap.’

  8. KJtheGreat

    um…i know the believablity factor is WAAAAAAY down on RAWSE but how many of these “gansta rappers” does any one ACTUALLY believe? i do want to hear this cd though, i’m not gonna front.

  9. Young Fresh Money

    Ross IsA Bigg Joke

  10. Sam

    Ross came hard with this.
    50 has competition now. He needs to stop the publicity stunts now and come with barss!
    the production is what makes this album though. the beats are just so sick.
    i agree with the best songs.
    album of the year?

  11. Kream Ka$h

    Ross is lying just damn lying just damn lying and still lying hell if you reading dis you think he lying

  12. QAZ



  13. Da Silverback

    Who gives a fuk what the man did B4.He is makin MONEY NOW!! He came up in the game of life and on that road he had a real job.Most if not all rappers did not come up hard and slangin kane and bangin.Please people its just entertainment.ENJOY it 4 what it is.

  14. Randy Exclusive

    Da Silverback just doesn’t get it.

  15. Breezing coupé


  16. Tuck

    The honest truth is that rappers are held to a different performance standard than most mainstream entertainers, ie: r&b singers, rock stars, tv and movie stars. The question is whether or not a rapper who may ebellish his or her personal experiences on a record can be accepted as legitimate, when no question of legitimacy is raised when actors like Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt can portray the role of a street thug or a rogue cop when they obviously have no real street credentials. What I think has happened in Ross’ case is that he has shifted the landscape of rap music by adding Florida to the map in terms of quality production, and by significantly improving his gangster lyrics has shown his growth as an emcee, regardless of content. I wonder if this was a Biggie album if so much hate would be aimed towards it and the man who is just trying to paint a musical portrait of the part of Miami that will never be featured in Hollywood or on MTV.

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