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Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is the day we’ve all been waiting for…Deeper Than Rap is finally in stores, and I for one, am excited. I’m not really excited about the actually album itself, because I’m not going to buy it, but I’m really interested to see what kind of number Officer Ricky will do in his first week, because that will kinda tell the tale if people actually care about the antics that have been surrounding Rawse over the past few weeks.

So, I’ve been asking around to get a feel for what people think Deeper Than Rap will sale it’s first week, and I call this game “Over or Under.” I’m setting the over and under mark at 200,000 because Rawse’s last album Trilla sold about 198,000 it’s first week, so that seems to be about the bench mark for Deeper Than Rap. But let’s see what it does, and if you all will, you can add your predictions to the comment section and we’ll see who came the closest to the actually numbers next week.

Deeper Than Rap (Over or Under 200k)

R.E. - 150k (Under)

Ms. Rivercity - 50k  (Under)

Maurice Garland - 200k (Push)

Charlamagne Tha God - 200k (Push)

DJ B-Lord - 200k – 250k (Over)

DJ Black Bill Gates 60k – 70k (Under)

DJ Teknikz – 100k (Under)

So, that gives you an idea of what some people around the industry are predicting for Deeper Than Rap. As you can see the predictions are kinda mixed. My thoughts, I think it will sell. 1) Because the album is good. 2) Def Jam is going to buy at least 50k. I mean, if Jadakiss can do 113k with no major single, Rick Rawse can at least do 150k. I do think there are about 50,000 people that supported his last album, that won’t be supporting this new one (that’s me). And that’s just becasue of the C.O. stuff, the 50 Cent beef and all the tomfoolery that this dude was been doing in the media lately. But like I said, it’ll be interesting to the see the actual numbesr.

So, what do you all think? Under or Over 200k?

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22 Responses to “Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap (Over or Under)”

  1. BANK!

    A little under 200K

  2. Nika

    Around 200k

  3. Randy Exclusive

    200k seems to be the consensus. Wait, Nika, you don’t know. haha.

  4. M.U.


  5. Kash Kastro

    Come on R.E. You Know how IDJ “ENHANCES” their first week sales… Jada did those numbers without half the marketing that Ross got…Hes gonna be around 255k… Just keep ya eye on Defjam releases… THERE NEVER REALLY REALISTIC…. just my thoughts fam…

  6. KJtheGreat


  7. JefRo Dolla


  8. Randy Exclusive

    This nucca said 97k. Haha. Might as well had said 100k. No?

  9. akshun

    The album is so dope though

  10. donte regis


  11. Nanci O


  12. Savage


  13. Terrence Simpkins

    ima say 500k the album is close to classic! stop hatin pussys hit the music page

  14. Randy Exclusive

    Terrence Simpkins is obvious dillusional is he thinks Rick Ross is gonna go gold in a week.

  15. Savage

    He must still be on those 4-20 after effects lol

  16. Jay Midnyte

    Simpkins is so far gone.


  17. Krypto

    I’m jus pissed I’ve heard like 75% of the album before it dropped. Thats basically why I don’t by shit well and I DJ but if I didn’t I’d still have heard it lol.

  18. Dan Johns

    i’ll say 130k, only because i can’t see him selling LESS than Jada did.

  19. Nika

    Geesh Randy I was just trying to put my two cents in :-)

  20. M.U.

    Nancia 50k??? Cmon now!!

  21. T-Diddy

    The album is actually pretty damn good, if you heard it. I encourage you hear it first, then vote, despite his personal life.

  22. Gemstar Da Goldenchild


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