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Some of my Carolina folks may have heard of On Point Magazine. My homie Steelz out in Florence, SC started this magazine a few years back, but I don’t think he’s put out an issue in awhile. I’m not sure why, but you know if King can’t even stay in business, imagine how hard it must be for an upstart magazine.

But On Point isn’t a men’s magazine. It kinda focuses on the Carolina music biz and the who’s who in South Carolina and North Carolina. I’ve never heard of this Nesah Lashay girl that’s on the cover, but I googled her and came up on her ModelMayhem page that says she’s a video chick/model from Charlotte, NC, and Steelz is probably trying to hit, so he used the “I Can Make You Famous” card. You guys should probably head over to ModelMayhem and look at some more of her pics, cause she’s kinda sexy, and it’s not like we’re getting anymore issues of King.

Anyways, back to On Point. I actually wrote a couple articles for Steelz before I moved to Atlanta. But since I’m big time now, I don’t have time for such a magazine (I kidd, I kidd). I was on Facebook earlier today and  left a comment on Steelz’s wall, and he told me he could see me on the cover…I mean, I am Famous In South Carolina, so it only makes sense. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. But I could at least get an interview…that Rain guy has been in On Point a couple times and he can’t be saying anything that important. But yeah, I won’t wait on the cover, you know industry people are all into selling dreams, even though that would really be a “Mama I Made It” moment.

I’m not sure where you can get On Point, but check out Steelz’s blog…er…myspace, and it’ll probably have some more info about it. Yo, Steelz, tell Nesha to holla at me. She CGI.

4 Responses to “On Point Magazine: Nesha Lashay Cover”

  1. krypto

    Ha Ha, that chick is from Saluda, SC not Charlotte. Lol

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Saluda…Charlotte, either she’d get merked.

  3. krypto

    Just sayin I hate folks that fake that were they from shit when they trying to get on or do get on. Damn it yes I’m from country, last in education,redneck, white police shooting at black folks for no reason Columbia, South Carolina. And imma rep it until I die. Ok thats all.

  4. Writer’s Block Media

    [...] deal. And Brod is also on the cover of the next issue of On Point Magazine, which is cover #2 to this cover. Plus you know he always gets a good look on The Block and DJ Burn One’s site (but we never [...]

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