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So, the numbers for last week’s album sales came in yesterday, and as Block readers already know, we’re playing the Over and Under game over here. I set the Over/Under at 200,000 and according to the numbers I saw at HipHopDX and Billboard, Rick Rawse’s new album sold about 158,000 in it’s first week. The album debuted at #1 which is Rawse’s third #1 album, which is an accomplishment in itself, but the way I look at it, his last album Trilla sold about 198,000 during its first week last year, so looking at this year’s numbers that means about 40,000 people decided they don’t fux with this clown nucca no more, or that they just don’t got it. Well, maybe they had it but decided to spend it on a bucket of chicken at Popeye’s instead (you know it’s hard to compete with chicken on special).

Ok, so if we look back at the predictions everyone made last week, which can be viewed here, ya’ll see that I was pretty much closer than everyone else when I made a prediction that Deeper Than Rap would sell about 150k. I based my prediction like this:

I figured since Trilla sold 198,000 that means regardless of all the coonery that Rawse has displayed over the last few months, there was no way he’d move less than 100,000 units. Then if you factor in that Def Jam would buy at least 50k. Then, you have to figure the other 50k people that brought Trilla last year (people like me), wouldn’t buy Deeper Than Rap this year, so that would leave Deeper Than Rap‘s first week numbers at 150,000. And since it ended up at 158,000, that once again proves that I know what I’m talking about, and I’m always right…I win (“we win everything!” (c) ZE Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi).

I looked back at the comment section from Over or Under, and KJ The Great predicted 150k, too (but he probably just said what I said to be on the safe side) and M.U. predicted 165k which was kinda in the ballpark too, so I’ll give them both props for those calls.

Oh, Asher Roth’s debut album Asleep In The Bread Aisle ended up selling about 62,000 last week, so that’s not really that good. I thought a lot more white folk and college students would go out and get Asher’s album, but I did hear his album was going to be undershipped, and I do believe that, so that might have played a factor in those numbers. It happens. I was in Target last week, and I was going to buy Chester French’s album but I couldn’t find it, and I didn’t feel like going to Best Buy, so needless to say, I never got their album and they ended up doing less than Bow Wow numbers (meaning it didn’t sell so well).

Back to Deeper Than Rap. People can swing the sales numbers however they want to but 158,000, considering how much hype and promotion that was put into this album isn’t really that good. Especially considering Jadakiss sold 134,000 when he dropped his new album the other week, and Def Jam didn’t even put half as much promo into Kiss’ album as they did Rawse’s. I bet if I asked someone over at Def Jam, they can’t be too happy right now. I told ya’ll.

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7 Responses to “I Was Right About Deeper Than Rap”

  1. BANK!

    Yea Yea, you were right. But this might just be another sign that the music industry is in trouble. Hip Hop doesn’t sell like it used to. Only big acts like Wayne, Kanye, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, etc are doing those huge numbers. Better get your pop game up if you wanna make money. Or your ringtone game lol. People will buy a $3 ringtone before they buy an album these days.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Drake will sell a millie *pause*

  3. M.U.

    I know what I’m talking about too Randy!!

  4. Randy Exclusive

    *Daps M.U.*

  5. JefRo Dolla

    I wasn’t off by much… You have to consider the 50K that Def Jam bought. And the 10K Yeezy bought just to prove his point to Fiddy.. So honestly I was only 1000 units off. What do I win?? Maybe a bootleg copy of the album?? (Oh wait, I had that about 2 weeks b4 it came out..)

  6. king

    Rick ross is an underated emcee the only reason I aint get his album the first week cuz I was broke. The recession hit those other 40,000

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Nah, we got it. We just ain’t wanna get it. The recession only hit half of those 40k.

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