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While I was home this weekend, Forbes dropped a new list for America’s Most Dangerous Cities, and once again my home town received a top rating (don’t you darn cheer, Charlestonians). I’ve been keeping up with these kinda lists since I started blogging and my hometown Charleston, SC has always been up in the top 15 or so, beating about cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the regular. Considering how grimey Baltimore seemed on The Wire, you’d think that places like that would easily out rank lil ole Charleston. Of course those cities are bigger, and they have way more crime, but accounting to the per capita studies, you’re more likely to get fuxed the fux up in Charleston than most other places, which also reminds me why I don’t stay home too long or frequent certain parts of town when I do go.

Actually, when I go home, I usually hang around places like the picture above, downtown, where a lot of white people, nice shops, bars, and restaurants are. Now, if you venture off on the other side of the tracks…at the wrong place, wrong time, you might catch a bad one from someone that doesn’t have much to live for (but that’s mostly the people out in North Charleston…not so much the side of town that I’m from), and according to Forbes Charleston is #8 Most Dangerous City on their list.

I know on other, previous lists we’ve had the #7, #13, #20 spots, respectively (of course), so Charleston has always been a place that has no damn sense. And it’s evident since the #1 local song is called “Shoot The Fuck Up.” (SMH). But yeah, you can read the new Forbes report below. America’s Most Dangerous Cities / View list here

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Charleston Anthem: Mista Taylor “Shoot The Fuck Up”


I went to the movies over the weekend, which is the first time I’ve been to a movie since Notorious came out. But I was kickin’ it with some of my peeps, and we’ve found Sunday to be a pretty good day to take in a matinee. Actually, we were going to see that Beyonce movie, but we got caught up watching the Boston vs. Chicago game, and by the time we got to the theater, we had already missed the start of Obsessed, and figured it be hard to find good seats, so we ended up seeing Observe and Report, which is a movie where Seth Rogen (the dude from Pineapple Express and Knocked Up, and movies like that), plays a mall security guy.

As you’d expect, this movie is one of those dumb funny comedies, where most of the jokes are so stupid that you don’t really have a choice but to laugh, even though you don’t want to. And the physical comedy is completely out of line, so you kinda laugh at some stuff, and you’re appalled by the rest.

Although I was amused by about 50% of this movie, this is one of those films where you’re better off going to see when you’re high or intoxicated, that way you’ll be entertained a lot easier. It wasn’t a bad movie (although that is debatable depending on who you ask), but I wouldn’t run the risk of going to see it with you significant other, or you might end up getting that look like, “why the fux did you pick that movie?” (I’m not saying that’s what happened to me, I’m just saying, we all know the feeling when shawty doesn’t really like the movie you picked. You might not get any later that night).

Anyways, I do like Seth Rogen movies, but I’ll have to put Observe and Report at the bottom of my Seth Rogen top movies list. I probably woulda been better off trying to find a seat in Obsessed after all, even though I heard Beyonce kinda sucks in it, but I don’t expect anymore from her when it comes to movies. Observe and Report wasn’t a complete waste to me, but I would have been better off just watching it online, instead of actually paying to see it.



Trailer after the jump.

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Just ignore Hurricane Chris, there are a lot of fine chicks in this video. I mean, they ain’t Halle Berry fine, but they bad, nonetheless.

April 27th, 2009

I apologize, I had a long weekend (a wedding, 100.1 Birthday Bash in Columbia, kicking it with someone’s girl), so I’m getting a late start today. Drake’s performing in Atlanta this week, so I’m looking forward to seeing the nucca perform live for the first time. Actually, I was thinking about making this week on The Block “Drake Weekend” but I decided that would be a bit much. But I still think I’m gonna drop a couple more Drake posts, just in anticipation for the show on Saturday (which also features the homie D. Swain).

I saw this Joe Budden TV interview over the weekend. You guys might have seen it already, but fux it, I’m posting it anyways. I’ll get back up to par by this evening.

Well, beautiful people, I’m about to head home for a wedding. My cousin and homegirl are getting married in Charleston tomorrow, so I decided to go R&B this Flashback Friday. I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging while I’m in the Chuck. I always stay with my parents when I go home, and I’m not quite sure what their internet connection is looking like. And I don’t know how much time I’ll really have to blog anyways because I’m in the wedding, and we have rehearsal and all that stuff to do. So, I might just have to catch ya’ll next week. If I’m not back on The Block this weekend, you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch ya’ll on Monday.

All my Chucktown peeps holla at me.

Btw, this was my jam back when…Jodeci was that sh!t.


Until he started walking around with a “man bag”…

My homegirl Ms. Rivercity interviewed Young Dro over at Grand Hustle studios the other day, and this nucca Dro…I mean…WTF…damn, Dro…this is some real Gangstalicious sh!t. (But I don’t know, I might be trippin’. Maybe he has in laptop in there or something. Yeah, his laptop is in there).

The video interview is after the jump, and you can see the “man bag” in action.

Spotted @ the j-o-b’s blog.

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This guy’s videos are always artistic (is that the right word?).

Bonus: Kanye West & Malik Yusef ft. Common & John Legend – “Magic Man”


In the past, I’ve only featured indie artists in Pump It or Dump It, but YN just premiered the second single from Eminem’s Relapse comeback album, and I don’t really like it. So, I just want to know if  you guys like it and it’s just me. Or has Slim Shady just been away from the game too long. I don’t know, I just can’t get with the high pitched rapping voice, his off the wall rhymes and stories about killing his girl or whoever. At one time I thought Eminem was one of the nices MCs ever. I mean, he was. But to me, right now he’s looking like Jordan in a Wizards jersey (just using that as an example. I know ya’ll nuccas will take shit literally on some “you can’t compare Em to Jordan” type shit. I’m just sayin’).

Pump It or Dump It?

Eminem – “3 a.m.”


My homie Playboy Tre just dropped a new mixtape. If you don’t know who Tre is…I can’t lie, I don’t even feel like explaining it right now, but his music is tight work, so just take my word for it.

Shouts out to B. Rich, DJ Watts, B.o.B. (Bobby Ray, or whatever he calls himself now), and, too.

Mixtape Download: Playboy Tre – Liquor Store Mascot

Tracklisting is underneath.

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I was telling you all about this group in Atlanta called Travis Porter, that all the kids seemed to be into. I only heard about them because they were beefin’ with Young Dro about who had the most “black boy, white boy swag,” but I kinda like their song, so I put it on The Block. So, my homie DJ Teknikz hit me up today and told me he’s dropping a mixtape with them on May 1st and he sent me the trailer.

Honestly, I’m kinda looking forward to this mixtape. It’s the kinda music that I’d play in the whip before I go shopping for Polo shirts. I know you hip-hop purists can’t fux with this, but a ATL transplant like myself can.

Anyways, the mixtape cover and tracklisting are under the hood, and once again, shouts out to DJ Techniques…it’s actually Teknikz, but I like misspelling his name on purpose cause he’ll be like, “IT’S TEKNIKZ, N*GGA!”

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