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May 3rd, 2009

I still don’t like this song.

4 Responses to “Eminem – “3 a.m.””


    Wow, EM is like 0 for 4 on these singles, everything is garbage. Like i know everybody scared to say it, but I let some of the conservatives in the office hear some tracks and they like WTF.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    I don’t like this song with Dr Dre that leaked either.

  3. Nanci O

    between em and tech 9 i don’t know whose music disturbs me more.

    they must have the worst dreams ever

  4. thiz

    Tech isn’t even on his dark ish right now! Just wait till his solo album “KOD” in October…that will be something else. That new collab CD Sickology 101 he just dropped was fire though. He might be a little off but he still has the best live show I’ve seen to this day, by far. So he’s doin something right even though he don’t get the credit he should right now. Nicca’s don’t fux with him though…IE – message to the black man….show him some love!

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