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I really don’t know any other way to say this, so I’m just gonna come right out with it…this album sucks. Of course that’s just my opinion, but Relapse leaked to the internet last Thursday, I’ve given it about 3 or 4 listens since then, and I don’t like anyone of the songs None. My issues with the album are: 1) Eminem is rapping about some bullsh!t. 2) These have got to be the worst Dr. Dre beats I’ve ever heard. 3) Em does that freaking high-pitched Slim Slady voice throughout the entire album, and it gets on my damn nerves.

I was having this debate with my homeboy earlier today, and he thinks the album is great. Yeah, Em is a great rapper, I’ll give him that. But the subject matter and concepts on Relapse suck balls. You guys just have to hear it to understand. I can’t really speak about the high points on the album cause I don’t think there are any. But I will speak on the track called “Insane.” The songs starts: “I was born with a d*ck in my brain, yeah, f*cked in the head/My step father said that I sucked in the bed/Til one night he snuck and he said/I want my d*ck sucked, we’re going out back in the shed.” *Blank stare. Confused looked. Baffled. Dumbfounded. Speechless. Pause. Long pause.*

I refuse to go any deeper into that song, but that’s pretty much the theme for the track, and I have to take off a whole chicken sandwich just a gay line like that. Anyways, I could be wrong here (but I’m usually not), Relapse could be a masterpiece. “Maybe I’m buggin’ out, maybe I’m on a spaceship,” (c) Joe Budden. But I seriously doubt that.

Actually, it would be nice if you all left your thoughts about the Em album in the comment section. Lets discuss this. In my opinion, this has got to be the worst album I’m heard since Rocko dropped his debut album. But what do I know. What do you all think?

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11 Responses to “Eminem – Relapse (Album Review)”

  1. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    To me em has NEVER been hot

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Hmmm…a few people have told me that same thing. I didn’t like his music at first. I started liking it around when he made “Stan.” I just never did like that Slim Shady shit.

  3. Big Snack'Em

    I only disagree with the beat comments. I only made it to the end of the album because of the beats (sans We Made You).

    Listening to this album was like watching Rocky V to me if we don’t count Infinite. The franchise started with a classic (Slim Shady LP) and obviously ended with the fourth installment, but, to try and recapture the magic, the brain trust said, “Let’s go back to the beginning!”

    Someone else stood up and said, “But he’s rich … no one will identify with his rich problems.”

    “True, but let’s make him punchy and broke (or depressed and skinny in Em’s case). People love retards (or people who’ve overcome addiction in Em’s case).”

    Everyone nodded and let this shit out. To me, the album sounds like a Bizarre album. If Bizarre had Em’s lyrical ability and flow. Shame the mainstream media’s going to make this horseshit a notch below Reasonable Doubt.

  4. Randy Exclusive

    My sentiments exactly.

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Still ain’t like the beats though.

  6. donteregis

    I have not heard the album but I already kno its the same shit. I look at his career and I see no growth. He is still starting beef with celebs who don’t even rap. I’m not even sure if I want to give it a listen.

  7. Jay Midnyte

    I mean… he can rap but… im tired of the damn serial killer stories and drug raps he always talkin. He isn’t saying nothing. And that damn voice. He still had lines that made me laugh like who would say that but… idk its just played out.

  8. nush

    hahaha all of you must be white… jay midnyte…yeah..even im tired of his killer stories..and drug problem stories..we cant even relate to that..u hjust wish hed rap about cars money and hoes…oh wait..everybody els raps about that..
    to gemstar..??what world have u lived in these 10 years either u are like 7 yars old listening to lil wayne lollil lill pop
    eminem is the hottest artis of this decade sold more than anybody..more and more hits good rap…i bet non e of u listen to rap

  9. donte regis

    lol @ nush………some of my best friends are black. so does that count for anything?

  10. WriterLoriDetroit

    I think you have to be able to relate to addiction. His song Deja Vu is like he is singing about my life. I have lots of potential and talent, but it’s being wasted. I’m probably gonna die.

  11. Writer’s Block Media

    [...] for “Obsessed” pissed Em off, and if you ask me, this diss is better than anything on Relapse. Damn, Nick, this man dissed you and your wife. You gonna take [...]

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