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I believe this is the first formal introduction to Born Wit It on The Block. This is a group, KP & Snipa K, from Decatur (where it’s greater), GA, and they’re down with B.o.B., Playboy Tre and their crew. I like Born Wit It’s music, and I think they have a chance, but I haven’t heard enough songs to really tell for sure. But this “No Education” song leaked this week, so maybe this is a sign of more music to come. I hope so, this ish is kinda dope. I’ll post up a couple other songs that I heard awhile back. But these three songs are about the only songs I’ve heard from them.

Born Wit It ft. Playboy Tre – “No Education”


Born Wit It ft. B.o.B. – “Stack Ur Paper Up”

Born Wit It ft. B.o.B. – “Dying 2 Live”

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