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If someone had told me when I first heard “Crank Dat Roy” that one day these guys would be signed to Grand Hustle, I would have been like, “yeah fuxing right. And one day Lauren London is gonna carry Lil Wayne’s baby.” But as it turns out, this South Carolina group State House is the newest group signed to the house that T.I. and Jason Geter built (and Lil Wayne really did impregnant Lauren London). As the story goes, Grand Hustle CEO Jason Geter saw State House perform “Crank Dat Roy” at a show, the crowd went crazy, and started doing the dance. Pretty much after that, Jason Geter decided he wanted to add State House to the Grand Hustle roster. And as of a week or so ago, he did.

Here’s a tweet straight from Jason Geter’s Twitter page in case you all think I’m making this up:


Really, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Geter also went on to tweet a couple more thoughts about the Carolinas that maybe interesting to my Carolina readers:


First thing, someone might need to teach Jason Geter how to @tweet people on Twitter when he’s talking to people like Heisc and B-Lord. But just to summorize. Grand Hustle is aiming to make State House like the St. Lunatics, Ru and State House better blow or the Carolinas are fuxed, the world looks at South Carolina and North Carolina as one, Petey Pablo kinda fuxed it up for the Carolinas already (Little Brother is cool but that ain’t commercial enough), so nuccas are scared of the market, but Jason Geter is still going to invest in the market, but only if nuccas come together like Atlanta and Florida and make sh!t happen. Ok, yall got all that?

But anyways, congratulations to State House. Good luck on your situation with Grand Hustle. Hope you all represent for the Carolinas, if not, according to Jason Geter, we’re all doomed. But no pressure. SC, all day.

“Crank Dat Roy” ya’ll:

My big bro DJ Frosty sent me over some video footage from the party with Trey Songz we threw a few weeks back. I’m hella late with this video, but fux it. Trey Songz put on a good show that night, and he wasn’t even supposed to really perform. Well, technically he didn’t really perform. It was more like a mini show/hosting job, but it was a cool show, nonetheless.

Charlamagne Tha God’s birthday party is at Club Ice in Columbia, SC this Friday. It’s gonna be the biggest movie ever.


New Trey Songz mixtape to build anticipation for his next album Ready in August. Enjoy.

Mixtape Download: Trey Songz – Anticipation

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My DJ homies D-Tec, Cannon Banyon and Dyce, out in Columbia, SC just dropped an all-Carolina mixtape this week. I haven’t listened to it yet, but it was just brought to my attention that there’s a Lil Ru diss record on there by Columbia rapper Boss G., who’s the SC newcomer that dropped a mixtape with DJ B-Lord earlier this year. From the sound of things, Boss G. feels some kind of way about Lil Ru saying he’s the King of the Carolinas and that he runs his city during his freestyle with Tony Touch (that’s not verbatim, but Ru said something along those lines). I don’t think Boss G. really liked Ru much to begin with. Word on the streets is Boss G. and his homie ran a train on Ru’s girl, and Boss made reference to that on this song, which is pretty much fighting words if you ask me. I hate to perpetuate beef but this diss record will be spread around SC regardless, so I might as well put it on The Block. Here goes:

Boss G. – “Royalty (Lil Ru Diss)”

Damn. SMH. It’s gonna be a hot summer in South Crack.

You can download the mixtape below.

Mixtape Download: DJ D-Tec, DJ Cannon Banyon & DJ Dyce – F*ck Being Famous

The tracklisting is under the hood.

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(The following is a series of text messages taken straight from my Palm Pre. This exchange took place throughout today, Monday, June 29th, between myself and the homie, Charlamagne Tha God. The topic…what else? Drake).

Charlamagne Tha God: I’m tired of the game man, this sh*t aint for me. If Drake and Wayne are really what yall into then what’s the use man?

RE: Man I still dont understand why you dont like Drake? The dude is nice

Charlamagne: Dude sat on a stool last night and rapped I just want f*ck every girl in the world w/ teenage girls around him. F*ck that guy.

RE: He had a torn ACL! And the kids…man blame that on lil wayne that was his daughter. You cant deny Drake’s talent Charla

Charlamagne: Well he should of came out and performed in the wheelchair since kids know him from that. Average person don’t know he had a torn ACL… I thought he was just acting light skin.

RE: Its real simple. Drake has very witty, introspective lines and deliveries about f*cking hoes and being successful over good production. Its that simple

Charlamagne: I don’t see or hear nothing special. He’s just another product of the machine and being surrounded by the teenage girls while you talk about f*cking is beyond lame

RE: He’s been nice regardless of the machine behind him now. I’ve been saying that before the hype. Start listening to me. I try to tell yall before it happens.

Charlamagne: You still ignoring the act of R.Kellyism he pulled last night.

RE: Just as you’re ignoring the fact that he’s nice

Charlamagne: He’s ok Rope. I haven’t been moved to say Wow yet. He’s looking like Maurice Williams or Paul Gasol right now, good when on the right team but no franchise.

RE: If he’s Williams or Gasol, Maino & Nipsey are Delonte West and Jordan Farmer

Charlamagne: Now you talking about some real rap. You sleeping on Nipsey and Maino gonna do 100k plus this week

RE: Nipsey is ok but rapping about killing people in ’09 is corny. Maino is average at best. I never heard him say something I had to rewind. Maino’s gonna do young buck numbers.

Charlamagne: Ha! You stooooooooopid. Drake gonna do Ace Hood numbers.

RE: That’s funny. You might not like Drake but you dont honestly believe that. That SC heat is getting to you. Drake signed to young money/Universal. He’s gonna sell more than maine and nipsey combined.

(The moral of this story, Charlamagne is an idiot. Catch him Mon – Fri from 6 am – 10 am on the all new morning Beat, on 100.3 The Beat in Philly).

And in another news, I had Subway for lunch.


It’s Monday, so that means it’s time to hit ya’ll with another installment of Mixtape Mondays (not an original title, I know, but fux it). This mixtape is from Diamond (you know, the girl that used to be with Crime Mob). She just dropped a mixtape, P.M.S.: Pardon My Swagg, along with DJ Smallz and my homegirl Lady Jade. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ll probably get around to it today (I see you, Kells). Diamond’s debut solo album is coming out later this year, so stay tuned for that, too.

Mixtape Download: Diamond, DJ Smallz & Lady Jade – P.M.S.: Pardon My Swagg

Tracklist is underneath.

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June 26th, 2009


Another new one from Lil Brod and Head Hunter Records. Since MJ passed, I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about anything today, just outta respect. But Brod shouts out Michael Jackson on this track, and this is one of those “keep your head up” type songs. Some of ya’ll might need to hear this type of message right now. Hold on, ya’ll.

Lil Brod – “Hold On”


Somewhat Related Bonus Track: 50 Cent – “Where You Are”







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