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June 1st, 2009


I guess you can say that I’m a little bit late on this J. Cole cat out of Fayetteville, NC. I haven’t heard much of his music, but I stumbled on his stuff over at Nah Right (I think) a few weeks ago, and he caught my attention, mainly because he’s from the Carolinas. I don’t really know much, but I think his story goes, he’s from NC, and moved to New York to attend St. John’s University (where he graduated Magna Cum Laude). He’s been doing his thing in NYC, dropped a mixtape with DJ On Point, and he ended up being the first artist signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation (which is kind of a big deal).

From what heard of his music, dude is a MC, which means he gets busy on the mic, unlike cats like this or that, so I’m already locked and riding with him. So, you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of J. Cole on The Block. For right now, I’m linking his mixtape with DJ On Point for you all to download. And after the jump, there’s a Karen Civil interview with J. Cole, and a video for the song “Simba.”

Carolina, stand up.

Mixtape Download: J. Cole – The Come Up Vol. 1

Update: J. Cole has a newer mixtape called American Dreamin’ that he just put out, and you can get that here. It’s really just the old mixtape with a few new tracks on it, but it’s all new to me. Shouts out to Nadine for the heads up.

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13 Responses to “Artist To Watch: J. Cole”

  1. Nadine G.

    Word. I kinda f*ck with this young dude. He’s got that fire in his flow… Waiting to cop a tape though.

  2. Nanci O

    they’re gonna make j.cole the drake of NC.

  3. Nadine G.

    Heeere we gooo… I was JUST talking about a new tape from him right? “American Dreamin’”:

    (Hope you don’t mind Randy…[smile])

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Nice! I’m about to download it too.

  5. warrenJae

    man i just downloaded his firts tape a few days ago…shit is crack…i need to do a track with him

  6. Thiz

    This dude is fierce. Good lookin out

  7. Nadine G.

    Hey! It looks like the “new” tape is the same listing as the old with a couple new joints… Boo. I hate that shit. [disappointed pout]

  8. The King

    Thats not his new tape, his new tape is “The Warm Up” coming out on June 15th, this is just a tape DJ Tay James put together with some old stuff to get people caught up

  9. Randy Exclusive

    Thanks for the clarification.

  10. Nadine G.

    Cool. Two weeks. I’ll be ready! :o )

  11. donte regis

    i’ve been listening to the come up since early this afternoon. i’m impressed. he def got flow and he from the carolinas so thats a plus. good lookin out re!!

  12. akshun

    yeah this dude is really THAT DUDE. I heard this dude rap and was…shit I’m pretty impressed. It’s good to hear something that FEELS real

  13. Writer's Block Media

    [...] at home is keeping score, I tried to tell you folks about this lil nucca from Fayetteville, NC damn near a year ago. Ya’ll didn’t hear me until he was on Jay-Z’s album, but it’s ok. [...]

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