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Concrete Loop debuted “Dollhouse,” the first single from my girl Priscilla Renea’s debut album Jukebox, earlier this week. Priscilla has come a long way from making youtube videos with her guitar, and its good to see the development of an artist first hand. The video for “Dollhouse” will be out soon (its stoopid), and Jukebox drops in October (its crazy). I tried to tell ya’ll before it happened. Yeah, I like pop music, too.

Priscilla Renea – “Dollhouse”

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July 31st, 2009


Before I start ranting about this news story I read on this morning, I would like to say Alpha Kappa Alpha is my favorite Greek lettered sorority (no disrespect to my lovely Deltas, Zetas, Rhos). Most of my ex-girlfriends, ex-jumpoff, and some of my best friends are and have been members of the organization. But due to my love/hate relationship with those women, I will throw an AKA under the bus anytime I get the chance to.

For those that don’t know Alpha Kappa Alpha is the oldest Black sorority, and to help ya’ll really understand the nature of this story, I have to throw out the AKA sterotypes. To sterotype AKAs, they’re pretty (usually light skin women with long, straightened hair), that are stuck on themselves, haven an infatuation with dressing up like Barbie dolls so they have a love for clothes and shopping (all though that’s just about any women), the clothes pink and green, and they love Kappa men (I just thought I’d throw that in there), plus they don’t really like to “throw it back” like they’re supposed to, for fear of sweating out their hair.  Back in the days, they used to say women had to pass the brown paper bag test to be a member, but I don’t think that test is as prevalent as it once was. But like I said, those are just stereotypes.


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July 30th, 2009


South Carolina Man Charged With Having Sex With a Horse. *Blank stare*

These nuccas stupid.

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A lot of times I want to give my opinion on something, but no one asks me so I don’t say anything. Case in point, Team I.R.A.C. which is a group out of Holly Hill, South Carolina, and they have one of the biggest songs out of SC right now called “Pants Saggin’” (you might have heard it). That sh!t goes hard in the club, and plus, my nig I used to kick it with at South Carolina State University is featured on the song (I haven’t spoken to him in months though, but that’s neither here nor there).

Anyways, where was I? Oh, yeah, so Team I.R.A.C., a lot of people seem to like this group, but like I was saying, I don’t wanna be the guy that never has anything positive to say, so a lot of times I just mind my business. With that being said, my dude Rob Lo manages these guys, and he send me this song called “Hatin’,” which I guess is their new single and I’m assuming he wanted me to post it on The Block. But you know, I don’t just cosign anything. Luckily, I can always put a song up on “Pump It or Dump It” when I’m feeling indifferent about it, which allows you all to join in and give feedback, that way I don’t have to do it.

So, regular readers already know how this goes. But for those new to this, I’m going to post the song, take a listen to it, if you like it leave a comment in the comment section saying “Pump It.” If you don’t like it, leave a comment saying “Dump It.” Got that? Easy right? And if you want to leave some more feedback, feel free to do that as well and we can get a discussion going. Cool? Good.

Here goes the song. Click the link below. I usually us Divshare, but I’ve been having problems with them. So, just work with me until I get another music player. Pump It or Dump It?

Team I.R.A.C. – “Hatin’”

And if you’re feeling this track, and you haven’t yet, you can download Team I.R.A.C.’s mixtape with DJ B-Lord here.


Dear Toya,

We don’t know each other or anything, but I’ve been watching your show with Tiny, and I’m a fan. My name is Randy. But all my friends call me R.E. Anyways, Toya…wait, can I call you Toya? I know your real name is Antonia. You know, I think that’s a real pretty name. But what’s up with the Carter thing? Do you still carry Wayne’s last name? I know you still love him and all…but you know what, that’s not important.

I just wanted to introduce myself to you. To be honest, sweetheart, I’ve been watching the show, and I’ve seen what you’ve been going through. And to me, it looks like you need a man in your life. And not just any man, Toya. A good one. Not some lil boy that wants to fux every girl in the world. Nah, what you need is a man that when you call, he’ll be there. I mean, I’m not saying that I’m that man, but I could be. You never know what the future holds, Toya. All I know is these last few weeks from watching the show, it’s just something about you. The way you carry yourself, your style, your smile, your strength and that accent, shiiit, I love that Nawlins accent that you have, bebe.

But are you really friends with Tiny? Or are you all just hanging for the show? I’m not really sure if she’s a good look for you (or T.I.). You might want to think about replacing her. And you might want to start taking some more pictures by yourself. Cause I looked on the internet, and you all have a lot of photos together, but she fuxs the photo up every time. You know what, I’m sorry. That’s wrong. That’s your friend and I apologize.


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This is honestly one of my favorite songs right now. *shrugs*

I’m trying to catch up on my J. Cole quota. A video with Cole and the homie Rain in the studio is above (shouts to Mike Hustle). And a video of Cole on the Angela Yee show is below. I’m taking to tell ya’ll.

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