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Here’s goes the official Grand Hustle/State House “Crank Dat Roy (Remix)” featuring Yung LA. This version still has Lil Ru on the hook, but LA adds a good twist to it. Enjoy.

State House ft. Yung LA & Lil Ru – “Crank Dat Roy (Grand Huste Remix)”


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Btw, Cleve Harrison took the photo. That’s that MDD ish.

4 Responses to “State House ft. Yung LA & Lil Ru – “Crank Dat Roy (Grand Huste Remix)””

  1. scgoon

    the song cool but where is JQ at?????

  2. Randy Exclusive

    JQ ain’t in the group no more.

  3. scgoon

    but why??? we already got all these new york trying be south cakk niggas. hope they an’t do no fuckboy shit

  4. akshun

    I though jq was the one who created the song?

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