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MJB’s back at it. Good look for the boy Drizzy, too.

That new Bad Azz album drops on September 15th. I’m anticipating that as much as the Jay-Z album. Ok, not really, but I got some nuccas back home that are. Lil Boosie = Jay-Z in Charleston, SC. I don’t know what’s wrong with my people sometimes.

Bonus: Lil Boosie ft. Lil Phat & Swazy Baby – “For My Niggas”

Don’t save these hoes promiscuous women. Don’t do it. Love is for suckers. I’m trying to tell yall.

Bonus FBF Video: Three 6 Mafia featuring La Chat – Baby Mama

I promise, I run into this guy Senor Kaos every time I go out in Atlanta (pretty cool dude). He gave me his mixtape and I’ve yet to listen to it. And every time I’ve seen him since he gave me the CD, he always asks me if I listened to it and I always have to tell him the truth…no. But then I tell him I’m going to listen to it by the next time I see him, but I still haven’t done so. My bad, homie. But at least I put your video on The Block.


The homie Maurice Garland put me on to this dude Freddie Gibbs out of Gary, Indiana, and I’ve been waiting on this mixtape with DJ Skee to drop. Gibbs gets it in lyrically, so my real heads will probably dig this one. Enjoy.

Mixtape Download: Freddie Gibbs – midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik

Tracklist after the jump. (Nadine what up).

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Shouts out to whoever  made this video. True story, I was beefing with Necole Bitchie earlier this year, and although we’ve since made up, I’m still blocked from Necole’s Twitter page, and she refuses to unblock me. Necole, you know I love you girl. Unblock my azz. The nucca did kinda lose me around the 2:52 mark though.

I meant to put this up the other day, but I forgot. But ya’ll already know I ride with my girl, P.

Previously: Priscilla Renea – “Cry” / Priscilla Renea – “Dollhouse”


I saw this song over at the homie Xilla’s blog. It off Trey Songz’ album Ready which drops next Tuesday. I’m fuxing with this track…literally. I’ma sex up someone’s daughter to this joint. Check it:

Trey Songz – “Neighbors Know My Name”


I told ya’ll Soul Jaboy was nice. That’s why he’s my favorite rapper.

Off one of my favorite albums of 2008. Eerie video though. Damn.