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I probably should tag this as “Better Late Than Never” because this song as been buzzing in South Carolina for awhile now. But no one ever sent it to me, so I’m just now posting it on The Block. Primo Starr is a rapper from Laurens, SC, but I’m not really sure where that is to tell you the truth. I haven’t heard much of anything else from him, but “Say Hello To My Life” goes hard, and we have to give him a pass because I think he put this out before Jay-Z dropped “D.O.A.,” so you have to excuse the auto tune. I’ve seen him perform the song twice, and it’s really dope live, and he performs it with a live band, which gives his shows some added energy.

Anyways, I got an email blast from Chuck T with 3 more  Primo songs, but I haven’t listened to those yet. And I’m not really in a rush too either. I might put them up after I get around to it, but just check this single for now.

Primo Starr – “Say Hello To My Life”


Btw, the picture is courtesy of MDD.

September 29th, 2009


John Mayer leaked the first single from his new album Battle Studies, dropping on November 17th, over the weekend, and well, that’s kinda like a big deal. I fuxs with John Mayer the long way, but ya’ll know I be on that rock ish though. Its deeper than rap.

John Mayer – “Who Says”


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September 25th, 2009

dave flyer

Dave Flyer is a member of my dude RE’s crew, the Blackberry Boyz, and Dave’s pretty nice his damnself. Honestly, I wouldn’t know about this mixtape if it weren’t for my girl Chasdizzy. I saw it on her site and just started listening to it today. Sh!t’s jammin’. Ya’ll might want to check this out. Enjoy.

Mixtape Download: Dave Flyer – Airwaves

And Chas uploaded a couple songs from the mixtape, so I’m gonna post one of the songs below. I’m too lazy to post them both.

Dave Flyer ft. RE – “Her Music”

Oh, and Cleve’s photoshoot with the Blackberry Boyz is here, if you missed it. (Million Dollar Dreamz, baby).


I swear I’ve heard this nucca Baby Floss’ name a thousand times in Columbia, but aside from the one song he’s on on Charlamagne and them’s South Crack album, this is the first time I’ve heard of his music. J-Money’s on this track, so I guess it’s a good look for Floss, but I still need to hear more before I decide if I’m fuxing with his music or not, but I know some of yous will really like this record (*shrugs*).

Baby Floss ft. J-Futuristic – “I Ball”


Hearing J-Money say “its South Cackalacky, A-Town what it do” was classic.


Today is Wednesday, which if you all haven’t noticed, is the day that I’ve set aside to do my Pump It or Dump It posts. So, today’s Pump It or Dump It song comes from my dude Wayne Cz (well, I know him as Wayne C.), from my home city, Charleston, SC. Wayne C. has been doing his thing for a minute. At one time he was the youngest member of the Carolina Pathfindaz…you young bucks probably never heard of the Carolina Pathfindaz, but back in the days they were like the South Carolina version of the Wu Tang Clan, pioneers of this South Carolina rap sh!t.

Nowadays, Wayne still reps CP, but he has his own crew now, and I think they go by Surviva Click or something like that (Blackk, what up). I haven’t heard much of their music, so I can’t really say what their buzz is like back home.

But me and Wayne C. go way back. I remember back in high school that nucca used to talk to this chick that had me in the “friend zone,” and I honestly don’t think I’m over the torture she put me through. Actually, its been about 10 years and I think I’m still in the “friend zone.” But that’s neither here nor there.

It’s Pump It or Dump It time. Ya’ll know the routine.

Wayne Cz  -”Alone”


September 22nd, 2009


Here goes another 4-pack from Fly.U. I fuxs with these cats, but I think ya’ll already know that.

Download: Fly.Union – Value Pack III

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September 22nd, 2009


Fux rapping about hoes promiscuous girls, D. Swain’s rapping about breakfast. This is gonna be my new morning song. Where Is Danny? is on the way.

Danny! – “Scrambled Eggs”


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