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Mic Skilz has been a faithful Block reader for quite some time, and he was one of the first artist featured for Pump It or Dump. Actually, I don’t think you all really liked his Pump It or Dump It song back then. It wasn’t that bad, but the mix kinda sucked, so he lost cool point for that. But since Skilz still posts up on The Block, I’m going to give him another chance. He sent me his new song “She Bad,” and wanted to give Pump It or Dump It another go. So without further ado, here is Mic Skilz’ Pump It or Dump It track. You all know the procedure.

Mic Skilz – “She Bad”

Pump It or Dump It?

5 Responses to “Pump It or Dump It: Mic Skilz – “She Bad””

  1. donte regis

    i like this one better than the fist joint he had on the block. the mix down is still off and i really didn care for the hook. i say pump it because there was an improvement from his previous track. keep grinding homie.

  2. Sly

    i applaud the effort and yeah there’s some improvement but i think i’ll dump that one.

  3. Randy Exclusive

    1 pump, 1 dump? Hmmmm anyone else?

  4. akshun

    Generic shit. Dumb

  5. Fresh Money Or Young_FM


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